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Ways and Means Tax Subcommittee Hearing today - Roskam Calls for Bipartisan Approach
No apparent discussion of the BAT.

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Obamacare Legislation Collapses in Senate. The Republicans can't Govern.
Not sure why I still worry about the BAT.  There is zero indication that the Senate would ever go for it, and even more to the point, the Republicans have nearly proven mathematically that they are unable to govern. Who knew? Well, I have predicted that the...

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When will the BAT go away, for good?
There really hasn't been any substantive news on the BAT in the last couple weeks. Between North Korean missile launches, fake news twitter bombs and the stymied health care reform debacle, the issue seems to have gone on the back burner.  Nevertheless, Bra...

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Ryan Speech on Tax Reform Said to Not Reference the BAT
CNBC reports today (at 5.22 in the below video) that Paul Ryan makes no reference to the Border Adjustment Tax in his pending speech on tax reform .  Treasury Secretary Mnuchin did not rebut this assertion.  If true, this is a major shift from Mr. Ryan.  Is...

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Brady Proposes a Five-Year Phase-In of the BAT
The picture of stubbornness, Kevin Brady today proposed a five-year phase-in of the BAT to "address" the transition issues of the BAT.  He proposes to phase the tax in 20% a year, with 20% of imported COGS included in taxable income in year one, 40% in year...

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The Last Days of the BAT???
Wither the Border Adjustment Tax?  Wither indeed. As noted in this space several times, and fairly obvious to everyone following this issue closely except for two people, the Border Adjustment Tax proposal is nearing its just demise.  There is nowhere to tu...

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Border Adjustment Tax Seems Impossible But Remains on Life Support
Despite holding a hearing May 23rd that built a strong record against the BAT, and which provided an opportunity for Republicans to openly oppose the plan, Brady and Ryan continue to coyly hold fast to their insistence on the BAT.  As noted in Bloomberg thi...

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Border Adjustment Tax - So Where Are We?
It's tempting after last week's hearing to declare the BAT dead.  The hearing featured some very damaging testimony, and if you think that actually matters, it is hard to see how House Republicans could muster a vote in favor of the BAT with that testimony ...

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Border Adjustment Tax Clips - May 25, 2017
Bloomberg:   Former Ex-Im Chairman Says Border
Tax Not Happening   5-25-17 Foreign
Affairs:   A Tale of Two Tax Plans   5-24-17 The Hill:   Border-adjustment
tax proposal at death’s door  5-24-17 Vox:    Nobody
likes the border adjustment tax — except the H...

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Can Anyone Assure Us that Currency Adjustment Will Eliminate Cost Impact on Consumers? NOPE.
Congressman Jim Renacci had an interesting question today at the BAT hearing: RENACCI: “So to each witness, can any of you assure me that the currency will
adjust so that there will be no effect to the cost of our consumers? Yes or no
to each one of you.”...
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