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A year of letting apps, web apps, and devices run my life.
A year of letting apps, web apps, and devices run my life.

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Day 20: On Doing too Much
I'm posting today because if I don't, Beeminder  will sting me . That has been the motivation for a lot of what I've done in the past week. I got a little sick sometime between day 6 and day 11--not very sick, but sick enough that my goals became difficult ...

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Comment: Here's a weird example of something for which I've used an earlier API version of the road-editor. I adjusted the past road to reflect the total growth/decline for each moth, so that I can quickly see the trends in my roads and how I'm doing month-to-month.

With this goal (, I had been feeling like it was just going to go on for ever and ever, with no improvement. After doing this to the road, I noticed that, for the first 4 months, my total for each month was drastically lower than for the month before (until there was some major back-sliding after I got sick in January/February).

I lost all of the information about how close I was to my road and how many times I derailed, obviously, but I like this, and I think it's a neat example of the many weird things you can do with the road editor." —

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Update: Day 5
So, how’s it been going, you ask? Well, I’m already floating quite close to my spending cap for the month! I have a lot of monthly spending items (mostly subscription-based services, like Spotify, Zapier, etc.), and this means having to be careful with my m...

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Well, here I go!
Skip to the TL;DR Version Today is the first day of the “letting apps run my life” challenge. I’m going to start things off slowly and pick up speed as I go. There won’t be much change for me in the first few days. In fact, it might be a little easier than ...

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The Challenge: A year of being digitally micromanaged
On June 1st, I will begin a challenge: a year of letting apps, web apps, and devices micromanage my day-to-day. For the next twelve months, I'll be setting up and following a number of digital systems that will govern progressively more of my time and choic...

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Where's Weirdo? Setting a bounty on you being in the right place at the right time.
I don't need to work from any specific location, but I find that working at coffee shops and in libraries makes me more productive and keeps me from trailing off into either tidying as a way of procrastinating, or getting into conversations instead of readi...

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New Slack Team
Something that really motivates me is sharing incremental goal progress with others and seeing what others are working towards.  Thankfully, a lot of apps have integrations that will post to a Slack channel when you finish a work session ( RescueTime , for ...

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I thought I would start off by introducing the productivity tool on which I rely most:  Beeminder .  What It Does The general idea is very simple: You commit to a goal (write 250 words per day, until 20,000; exercise 3 times per week, until my birthday; dri...

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Being Microchip-managed
I love apps. I love commitment devices. I love digital sys tems of all kinds. And there are a lot of great ones out there. So I've decided to chronicle my attempt to use these in more and more areas of my life. Sometime this year, I will try to reach a poin...
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