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Sometimes I write things.
Sometimes I write things.

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Have acquired Twitter.  I'm @luminousalicorn.

Anyone want a tedious administrivia job?  Workable from home at near-arbitrary hours.  I get minions and am allowed input on who they are.

I have been lured into the world of livejournal (well, dreamwidth) RP.  Luminous Bella has gym class with an eighteen-year-old version of the Joker and they are friends.  Recently we folded in a magic system adapted from "Daughter of Smoke and Bone".  Also they baked cake.

Mousse: Delicious.  Easy to make.  It's just meringue folded into whipped cream.  Produces many dishes, though.

I keep forgetting I have this account.  This probably means I shouldn't get a Twitter even though all the cool people are doing it.

A general notice for those who sell things:

Your notice for "we ran out of your thing", "we didn't like the information you filled out our forms with", "we randomly decided not to send you a thing", etc. should not resemble the notice for "you, on your end, voluntarily via actions you took canceled your order for the thing".

Occasionally I have these odd moods in which I am all about how lovely food is - I'm normally like this to an extent, but a mood can take it to ridiculous extremes.  This is nice because it makes lunch just the pleasantest thing (I had vegetable soup and bread and butter and a nectarine and some toffee and it was marvelous, and later some potato salad from yesterday, also marvelous) but distracting, and it doesn't let up when I'm full.  So I can expect my brain to go on for the rest of today about how I should have a bowl of broccoli with tofu cubes and cheese.  Or beans and eggs.  Or a lovely sandwich, with a thick layer of hummus and one of those leaves of romaine and some mayo and cucumber and avocado and Tofurkey.  Or yogurt with bananas and honey.  Or ice cream.  Or tuna salad, with artichokes in it, and maybe chickpeas too, wouldn't that be nice?  Popsicles!  Stuffed French toast!  Chocolate covered cherries!  A sweet potato oversaturated with butter!

And I'm not hungry anymore and have room for none of these things, and tomorrow the mood will be gone and they'll all just be ordinary-nice, not exquisite.  Le sigh.

I now own a snake.  She is an adult California Kingsnake named Periapt of Proof Against Poison (you need to know some herpetology and something about what I like to do with snakes and something about Dungeons and Dragons to get this joke), Peri for short, and I got her from Craigslist with her tank for thirty bucks.  All hail the Internet!

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Just got some groceries without having to leave the house by paying a rabbit.  Kept thinking there had to be something terribly annoying about the site somewhere but there just... isn't.  If you wanna pay people to run your errands, this is the place.

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SOMEONE bought me and my primary a housewarming present without TELLING me.  Said primary had to tell me that there was going to be a present at all, and said SOMEONE had to be badgered into identifying it.  It's like people haven't met me.

To forestall further tragedies, I have topped off my wish list with a selection of things I want that are nifty enough to be good presents, non-urgent enough that I won't just up and buy them myself in the next week, and reasonably priced.  If these do not suit your gift-giving needs/tastes, please use words!  Words are good communication tools!  No gifts at all are required!  But for the love of chocolate covered strawberries, NO SURPRISES!
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