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Juggling Act
When the moon reaches full I pause my busy-ness. I hold
fire ceremony and make offerings, remembering gratitude and letting go of what
I don’t need to hold onto. Last moon I asked for guidance. My plate is so full, it’s
a buffet line. I have a wedding to pl...

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No More Secrets
Fear rises with the setting sun 3 and a half decades of sleepless nights dozing only when the sky BREAKS         with first
light The only sleep I ever got was under the influence                of
powerful prescription pills guaranteed to relax so much I’l...

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Matt Kailey Was A Giant
Matt Kailey was a giant.
He was actually more David than Goliath, a little on the short side-small
hands, small feet-narrow shoulders on a slight frame. Matt didn’t have bulging
biceps or a chest covered with fur. He didn’t have a demanding physical presenc...

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Passing Stones with David Sedaris
Kidney Stones Emergency Room Pain Medication Fever Delirium Story Time

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NaNoWriMo- The Results Are In
The goal was to write a novel in a month. Julie and I
prepared for a cage match competition to be the first to pen 50,000 words and
take the NamaRupa NaNoWriMo trophy. Story boards were planned, pencils sharpened,
and dueling desk spaces established.  The d...

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A Flock of Angels
“May I check in with the shoulder?” asked the healer as
her hands moved gently into place. “Yes. Please.” I answered, and I slowly sent my breath to
meet her hands. “Please.” I said again-just this time the word wasn’t
audible to the outside world. This tim...

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Rest In Peace
I just saw in one of my trans* Facebook groups that another young transman took his life. He was 15. He hung himself. He was being bullied at school. He was being abused at home. I don't know what resources were available to him. I don't know who he told an...

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JuJu Namarupa commented on a post on Blogger.
Thank you all for your kindness. My work here is just beginning, we have a long way to go.

I changed my passwords. Don't try this again (I know who you are!)

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Volunteer of the Year
Jules is an amazing friend. I know he's taking some time off his blog and Facebook. I decided to hack his account. (He needs stronger passwords) I wanted to share how extra awesome he is with all of you. He was named the Volunteer of the Year for the Transg...

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Body Snatcher-Awesome Name
Imagine spending every day with an improv comedy troupe stuck inside a clown car. Thanks to a diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder, this is my life. The Crew of 16 that share this body don't see it as a disorder, we embrace it as a challenge. The deca...
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