Share Google+ Content Directly Into Evernote

All of your friends on Google+ are sharing tons of great content. Sometimes you want to keep track of this content, so why not capture it directly into your Evernote account? Follow these simple steps to do just that...

1. Open your Evernote desktop application and click...
Mac: Evernote Menu >> Account Info
Windows: Tools Menu >> Account Info

2. In Account Info locate your special evernote email address and copy it (you can save it to an Evernote note for future reference)

3. Login to Google+, click the Circles tab and create a new Circle

4. In the Circle creation dialog window...
Name your Circle "Save2Evernote" or something you will remember
Click "Add a new person" and paste your unique Evernote email address into the text field
Click "Add '' by Email"
Click "Create Circle with 1 member" to complete the Circle creation process

5. Share Content: Whenever you want to save something to Evernote, simply share it with the "Save2Evernote" Circle that you just created.

Addressing some questions and points of confusion...

In step 4 - '' was just an example. You need to add your own special Evernote email address. See step 2.

The Evernote service is not a human, so when you invite your special Evernote email address to join Google+ don't expect a response.
- When you add the Save2Evernote circle to a new item that you share, it will be blue, meaning it's private. Circles which are green are public.
- When you add the Save2Evernote circle, be sure to leave the box labeled "Also email 1 person not yet using Google+" checked. The "1 person" is your special Evernote email address. If you uncheck the box, your shared item will never be uploaded to Evernote.

When you share an item to your Share2Evernote circle only, the item WILL appear in your Stream, however the item will only be visible to the Limited circle that you shared the item with. Since you shared it only with your Save2Evernote circle and this circle only contains one email address, the item will only be visible to you. If you have any doubts, click the "Limited" link in the top right of the item you shared.

The upload to Evernote is not visible inside Evernote immediately. Depending on your network it can take 30seconds to 2-3 minutes before you will be able to see the item in your default Evernote notebook. Also be sure to SYNC your Evernote account

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