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Now I'm magically attracted to the artistic shadows of the web!

Thx +Matt Pinyan ! Now... whats the initiation ritual? :D

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Puh, that was a bunch of work. I've collected some historic biological artwork on my treasure hunt and put it into an album for you. These scans are dated between 1800 and 1900 and created by explorer & scientists by travelling around the world.

I found them on a great website named: You can also download the high resolution image from this album. (GNU Free Documentation License)
There's a lot more to come, this art must not be forgotten!

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In my cellar there's a sacrificial altar for +Robert Steven Connett Art! ;)
Beautiful Nightmares!
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Huh? Strange... The link under the gallery, wich leads to my gallery, is wrong. Here's the original:
+Robert Steven Connett -Picasa gallery

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adam pinson originally shared:
Colour Pencil Drawings

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Surreal Elite-Artist!
Bernard Dumaine originally shared:
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Thank you for sharing :-)

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Today's work: ORGANSPENDE - Preview (DigitalArt)
Not finished yet
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Have him in circles
254 people
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And the second gallery with illustrations. Wonderful mirror of nature!
Originated in the century between 1800 and 1900.
Today, with cameras, printer and digital design,
would anyone still create such outstanding artwork to catch the natures beauty?
I can imagine, how great their love to planet earth, must have been!
(Argh, excuse my grammar please)
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Way Cool!

Sebastian Weinreich

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[ART-MEETS-SCIENCE] Historical Masterpieces: Drawings I

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Deborah Valentine aka *a-neon-devil-breath
Deborah Valentine originally shared:

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tatomir pitariu originally shared:
entire TRANSILVANICON - CONCEPTION series, up for your viewing pleasure
[ ]

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With every day, more and more fantastic art is discovered by us. Although this gallery: (Thx +James Day 4 share)
There is a deep, dark and sad mood in this pictures. A very intense self expression from him. I've never seen such style of creations before. Definite unique!
Try hearing this song: while enjoying this gallery ;)
James Day originally shared:
Fantastic Etchings of Floating Cities by Sergey Tyukanov
I was born on the island Sakhalin, in a small town Poronaisk, situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. My childhood years passed far away from the so-called ‘civilization’ and the only window to the reality that I had were children’s illustrated books. They became my fairy tale world which, although I have grown up, I do not want to depart with even today. Art has become my philosophy, my religion, and that fairy tale world where all my fantasies and wishes come true.

Sebastian Weinreich

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Excellent Surrealism! This gallery can tell a lot of stories:
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Beyond Cool! 
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