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Have you ever hit publish on a blog post and expect readers to share and comment right away, but nothing happens?

We've all been there.

With this free mini e-course, I will help you understand what mistakes you may be making that could hinder you from getting the traffic you want and what you can do to change that. Enroll today! #bloggers #freecourse

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There is a common discussion between bloggers, in every niche, about working with brands and money... Here are a few points of criticism of bloggers choosing brands and why we're doing it all wrong.

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So, how do you grow a community? Here are some tips that can grow your community whether it's online or in-person building.

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Media Kits can make or break your relationship with a business or brand. It is important to know how to present yourself as a blogger with the best of you. #blogger #mediakit

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In my last post I shared with you the most important things to include in every blog post, but not every one has the time or budget to produce various types of content for their audience. So, here are some great tools that you should use to save you time and money while producing quality content. #Blogging #blogger

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Whether you're a newbie blogger or have been in the blogging game for some time, you want to make sure that you're producing the best blog posts for your audience.

When I first started blogging years ago, I didn't know the essentials that went into a blog post. Many of my blog posts were not resourceful and after reviewing my analytics, I noticed my readers only gravitated to certain topics. So, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share the 7 things that you should include in every blog post and how they can grow your platform. #Blogging #blogger

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Killer Tips For Branding Your Social Media

Are you easy to find on social media? When your audience stops by your profile, are they engaged? If you can't say, "YES" to any of those questions, we have some branding to do.

Branding is a representation of YOU. Your brand is who you are and presenting a consistent style of imagery, color and everything in between gives your audience a glimpse of who you are.

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Pitching your idea to any form of media whether it's in your small town or to a well-known brand is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your blogging career. As a blogger and content creator, I have learned from experience the best techniques to writing a pitch and the mistakes you could be making in your pitch to brands.

This post will help you define the elements in a pitch and provide you with tips to make it stand out.

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Whatever it may be, you will likely offer an incentive or a service to build your readers list in order to be taken seriously as a blogger. Providing content upgrades on your site and/or blog posts is a profitable way to add new subscribers. Why? Because everyone likes getting free stuff!

So, how do you provide upgraded content as a blogger while building your readers list? There are a variety of ways! One of my favorites is creating checklists. It's so easy and budget friendly.

Now, what are content upgrades you ask? According to Autogrow, "It's giving your readers a free bonus download that's directly related to the topic of the post. The upgrade is considered valuable once it's an added resource."

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Did you know that great content gets unnoticed, too? No matter who you are, your content will still get lost amongst the masses. How do you get your post noticed after publishing? Read this post to learn why.
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