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What the Bible Says About Abortion
[This page is intentionally left blank]

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Who Owns Your Body? A Mormon View
While debating abortion someone pointed me to “ Defusing the Violinist Analogy ” by Matthew Lu. I plan to write a substantial response to the article, but there is a point Lu raises that gives me a chance to explore Mormon theology. Since that allows me to ...

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Why Abortion is Permissible
tired of “defending” abortion. By this I mean abortion is often
treated as something that must be defended rather than a positive
right. This is implied by the title of Judith Jarvis Thomson's “ A Defense of Abortion ”
and David Boonin's book-length tre...

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Secular Pro-Life's New Double Standard
Secular Pro-Life (SPL) announced they were going on hiatus for the week of 22-29 December 2014. It appears they have been using the time to systematically ban pro-choice advocates from commenting and deleting their comments. I noticed this today when I was ...

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Bodily Rights vs. "The Responsibility Argument"
I've been spending a lot of time debating the abortion issue. 1 A frequently recurring theme I run into is the so-called
responsibility argument. The responsibility argument is usually used
by anti-abortion advocates in response to the bodily rights...

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Reviving the Anointed Quorum: An Idea
In Joseph Smith on Mormon Women and the Priesthood , Fiona Givens argues
that, contra some assertions, that Joseph Smith did not necessarily
envision granting women the priesthood. Instead, the Relief Society
was intended to be an autonomous organization wi...
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