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We Help U Buy Realty - Brad Davidson, Realtor

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Get Cash back on your Home Sale with Commission Rebate Realty

First, some clarification: We-Help-U-Buy does not charge a “low commission." We earn a full Orange County California commission from the seller - 3% - split it in two, and give half back to you in what is known as a real estate commission rebate.

This may seem odd, but our philosophy is based on adapting to the fact that home shoppers are doing half of our work for us. In recent years the internet has allowed most everything anyone wants to be at their fingertips, and real estate listings are no exception.

Because prospective buyers spend so much time browsing housing forums and pinpointing the exact properties they’re interested in, We-Help-U-Buy knows that a great deal of time and energy is lifted off our shoulders. So we decide to share the wealth. 

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Hello - I am Brad Davidson, a commission rebate realtor in Placentia! I love Orange County and am hoping to see posts about different events happening or community news. Glad to connect with you.

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This is a great infographic about how sprucing up your home's landscaping can add some serious value.
How much does #curbappeal  affect your buyer's decision?? Discover more with this amazing #infographic  which describes the value added to outdoor upgrades! 

Thanks for accepting me into the group! I am Brad Davidson, a commission rebate realtor in Orange County, Ca. I have read the community guidelines but hope this is ok. I have not been on Google Plus but I hear it is strict with spam. That's good! Looking forward to your posts.
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