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Adam Dzak
For every wall there is a ladder
For every wall there is a ladder

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Network Devices - In SCOM...uhh..SolarWinds...Service Manager?
IT Worker 1: I'm an experienced network engineer. I've used SolarWinds tools because as far as I and my peers can remember, this is the standard when it comes to network monitoring. Our network. Our tools. IT Worker 2: I'm an experienced IT professional. I ...

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Just Enough (Temporary Remote) Administration - (Part 1)
Scenario/poll : Show of hands administrators - how many of you have an environment wherein individual user accounts are granted remote desktop access, to specific machines, and still have them even when they don't need those rights? Keep your hands up - how...

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But seriously...someone explain Management Packs to me
If you're new to the Microsoft System Center realm (and as I often joke) I have but two simple words for you: Buckle up When you're getting started in SCOM or SCSM you will very quickly run into the concept of management packs. Regardless of how little or m...

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i3lets, an open source Interactive Intelligence PowerShell Module
Well if it isn't obvious, this really isn't a Service Manager focused post. Well ok it sort of is. You know what - little bit of column A little bit of column B. This is a PowerShell centric post with regards to Interactive Intelligence phone systems. While...

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Exchange Connector, Our Analysts Hate Employee Signature Graphics in Work Items!
My email signature doesn't look like this, but I needed a graphic to illustrate a point... So you have the Exchange Connector running in your SCSM deployment to convert emails to either an Incident or Service Request. What holds true in both scenarios is th...

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In Defense of Class Extension vs. Inheritance
Hrmmm... As I've shared on the About Me page, I'm just someone who loves Service Manager/System Center. I'm just another IT guy out there managing and helping SCSM deployments. So, in the time since my last post (which looking at it has been awhile...holy c...

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Deploying "Quick Resolves" for your Team
"Our new SCSM Deployment is just too much for simple things." I spend more time typing all this stuff into an Incident, applying it, closing it because of that stupid background workflow issue, re-opening it, then resolving it than I do actually fixing an i...

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Malware Flagging and Reporting - SCCM, SCOM, SCSM, and SCO (part 2)
I promise this isn't going to be nearly as bad as the Employee Management thing. In this post, we'll assemble the Orchestrator runbook that... Converts the SCOM Alert/SCSM Incident to a Parent Incident. Queries your SCCM database for Malware Infected comput...

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Execute Native Powershell Version 4 in Orchestrator 2012/2012 R2
  Yeah. No joke. That isn't a typo. Let me repeat that because it bears repeating. You can run Powershell v4, 64bit, natively in Orchestrator 2012. NO TUNNELING. NO SESSIONS. NO MORE RETURN VARIABLES AS OBJECTS FROM A REMOTE SESSION NONSENSE. How? Lies you ...

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Malware Flagging and Reporting - SCCM, SCOM, SCSM, and SCO (part 1)
Yeah. Buckle up. Alright. So I had this idea and given how much all of the System Center components rely on one another it stood to reason I could execute this idea of mine relatively simply. OH HOW WRONG WAS I! Scenario : Configuration Manager (SCCM) does ...
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