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When Breaking Hearts Collide
    In the past two years, a handful of people have asked me for advice
on how to recover from the dreadful impact of an affair.  I am always
hesitant to provide practical advice, because what brings victory to one
couple may spell disaster for the next....

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A Father's Love.
   Being a dad is a profound blessing.  It fulfills me in such a unique
way, and it challenges me to grow and change constantly.  Without a
doubt, parenting two little girls can be exhausting, but overall I find
it to be easy . In a sense, it comes natur...

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The Triangle of Risk
   My heart breaks at the thought of any couple wrestling with the
ghosts of infidelity.  No matter the theater, marriage is a battleground , but the war against unfaithfulness is particularly
vicious.  In private conversations, Hannah and I have discusse...

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     In any relationship, I've come to realize that there is a deeper, more primal dialogue happening beneath each interaction. There are undercurrents that swell and toss about, and they define our perceptions about others. This has been a profound realiza...

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Reclaiming Lost Ground
                 I am a coward by nature . I acknowledge this.     
For so long, I wanted to flee from the sight of any reminder that wo...
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