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The voice of the wind energy industry
The voice of the wind energy industry

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EWEA's latest campaign has been launched - just in time for Global Wind Day 2014! Show your support for renewable energy by making some noise!

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What the European Commission's recent 2030 communication means for the wind industry.

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TPWind has published a "call for expression of interest" to select new Working Group members.

TPWind is the European Technology Platform for Wind Energy. It is the indispensable forum for the crystallisation of policy and technology research and development pathways for the wind energy sector.

If you wish to be a part of this cutting-edge working group, please apply here:

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Do you have:
- A masters degree in environment, energy or European politics?
- 5 years' of experience in European renewable projects and analysis?
- The ability to lead a young, multicultural team?
- Experience in managing budgets
- Networking skills?

If so, you may be qualified for our current job opening, "Head of Policy Analysis". Please see our jobs page for more details.

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For more than 30 years, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has been helping the wind industry shape the future development of the sector.

Now, as offshore wind picks up speed, huge challenges need to be overcome to create a cost-effective, job-creating, innovative offshore wind technology.

In this video, two of EWEA's policy experts give an overview of the key issues facing the offshore wind industry.

Watch them explain what will drive the industry forward using... a toy car!

For more information please visit:

Cast: Athanasia Arapogianni & Anne-Bénédicte Genachte
Producers: Amy Parsons & Deborah Yates
Creative director: Jesus Quesada
Camera & Editing: Jason Bickley
Sound recording: Tom Rowe
Special thanks to Siemens Press for offshore industry footage

#wind   #energy   #offshore   #EWEA   #EWEAOFFSHORE2013 #power   #video   #Athanasia   #Arapogianni #Anne   #Benedicte   #Genachte  

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Wind Directions, September 2013:
Turkey - the powerhouse bridging east and west

Situated on the brink of Europe and the edge of Asia, Turkey has taken advantage of its strategic position while managing to avoid both the slump to its west and the strife to its east.

But its booming economy has led to an electricity demand that is growing at a rate second only to China’s, and the country is currently importing 75% of its energy at a cost of €60 billion per year.

Turkey is looking to wind energy to cut its import dependence, create employment and help its economy to keep expanding.

·         Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, CEO, The Switch
·         Jürgen Zeschky, CEO, Nordex
Special features:
·         2030: why is it so important?
·         Deep waters: the latest on floating offshore technology
·         Getting community support: need to know essentials
Regular articles:
·         Brussels Briefing for the latest EU news
·         EWEA's columnists voice their thoughts
·         Wind News for an industry update
·         Country Focus for a national picture
...and many more.
Read the latest Wind Directions now...

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Wind turbines have been turning in Europe’s seas since 1991, when the first were grid connected 2 kilometres off the coast of Denmark. That was 22 years ago. Today, 6,040MW of offshore wind turbines are providing power to Europe – spread across 58 wind farms in ten countries – in water depths of up to 50 metres.

But that’s where it stops. Current offshore turbine and structure designs are not economically viable beyond 50 metres – but many areas of the Mediterranean and Atlantic basins are deeper than that, even relatively close to shore.

How can we harness this deep water energy?

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Great video piece from ITV on the potential for the British economy from offshore wind energy, on the occasion of the opening of Greater Gabbard off the Suffolk coast, the world's second largest offshore windfarm.

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#EWEA Blog: "The survey found 65% of respondents in favour of government spending money for wind power, while 76% said the same for tidal energy and 78% backed financial support for solar. In comparison, only 49% approved of public financial support for nuclear, 57% for clean coal and just 40% said the government should provide support for shale gas. 47% of respondents considered shale gas projects as damaging to the environment".

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#‎Vestas‬ have shared this story from ‪Recharge Magazine‬ which explains how the company is fighting the anti-wind lobby in Australia with their ‪#‎ActOnFacts‬ campaign.

Read all about it here....
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