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Can I Get an Amen?
...meaning, respond if you "hear me!" Say something back to me, because I don't want to be out here on my own. I've heard this saying in churches for many years...been on both ends of it, though I was less inclined to ask for an 'amen.' Amen, by the way, si...

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Liner Notes and Streets and Sanitation
I miss both of them. Back in the day, while the music was great and the album had to be flipped mid-way through to hear the remainder, there was liner notes. I didn't read every line and certainly not every artist's musings, but the music that stirred me, r...

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I Plan To...
Call it procrastination, call it fear, call it laziness or name it any number of other things... I can rise each day, go to the gym as if it were my 'religion.' Do the same for a job I say I don't like (felt this way about every level of school, as well); g...

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Fear is Okay
No joke. I've been afraid many, many times. I have "died" a thousand deaths ("a coward dies a thousand deaths")! But then again, I have faced fear a thousand times as well. I have walked up to death, fear and 'failure,' stared 'em down and got my ass handed...

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Starting Where I Left Off
Posting earlier today, I notice the last post made, in 2015, was of similar emotions: down. I kind of accept that's my 'default.' But life teaches us, even if your default is the standard, always - and I literally mean every second of each day (yes, MUCH ea...

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Stuck in Winter
Hunkered down... Chicago isn't the place it used to be, but it is 'home.' It seemed normal to me, to us, that winter began in October and ended in May, weather wise. I remember my father and his coworkers 'betting' when the first snowfall would come. I hear...

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Time Changes
Where you're sitting now, may very well be your cage. It might the trap, the spring having sprung and secured you until... Too much time is spent waiting for time to change. Or circumstances. Or our children, or the politicians and our spouses and the weath...

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The Rationale
We are but dust, clay; shaped and containing treasure beyond price or value! And yet we invest so much energy into the satisfaction of this flesh, the pleasing of it and really, the experiences that drive and feed our soul! Day after day, telling our storie...

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The Phoenix 18 x 24 pastel The sound of the cocoon breaking! The time is come The moment is now Free
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