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On a related note: I wish I had time to watch The Hudsucker Proxy in the immediate future. I loves me some Hud.

Dearest tech folk: how do you find time to read about/play with all of the things that you're interested in without getting spread too thin?

About to update the Ruby section of the Wikipedia page on variadic functions. geek_cred += 1

That trouser mongoose is such a cockblocker.

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In other news, if you want to hear the song that I just wrote about showing your appreciation for bared breasts, come out to Pasties for Puppies, a burlesque show to benefit PAWS, this Friday night at 10:30 PM at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater!

I tell myself that I have to choose between improv and the webs if I want to be good at either, but then I read about someone like _why.

I wish I liked you as much as I like your tumblr.

Recommending holiday gaming gifts makes me sad about all of the games that I'll never play until I'm in a retirement home. #weepinggamer

For all you folks into Sass or just in-browser styling: if you haven't taken a look at WebPutty, you really should.
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