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When real life impacts on your music purchasing it's time to hit the charity shops
When real life impacts on your music purchasing it's time to hit the charity shops

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Strange Weather
Strange Love from Carter Wood on Monday and Strange Weather from Marianne Faithfull today - we are indeed living in strange times. From 1987 on the Island label it is her first completed studio work following her 17 year battle with heroin addiction and per...

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Get Carter 2
My previous post under the Get Carter title referred to Jim Bob and Fruitbat better known collectively as Carter USM or Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. This time round the featured Carter is Carter Wood a Nashville singer songwriter who I saw tour with ...

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A Shot of Rhythm and Soul
The best find of our brief visit to Fort William was found in the small vinyl section of the British Heart Foundation. I had a look more in hope than expectation and there at the front of  one of the piles was the above album taking pride of place among the...

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Some New Music
Like many bloggers I  probably stand accused of living in the past given that most of the stuff I post is at least a couple of years old. I tend to avoid posting newer stuff as I feel I should give people the opportunity to purchase the music and to support...

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Another excellent find in a Fort William charity shop from another artist who has only briefly crossed my radar before and this time round it only cost me a pound. I have posted a track by American singer songwriter Pete Yorn before.It was as part of  a Sat...

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Pat Buchanan ................... no not THAT One
Not That One This one I hope that first picture did not put you  off your breakfast. Today we are featuring Pat Buchanan. No not the American paleoconservative politician and political commentator. We have enough of them already. Rather we are featuring Pat...

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Burnt Offerings 7
Welcome to the seventh week of assorted nonsense that constitutes the Burnt Offerings series. A bit of a mixed bag this week but panic not I still found room for a slice of Americana. Justine Electra out of Melbourne but based in Berlin is not Americana, In...

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3..6..9 Seconds of Light
The above picture is the view from our bedroom window on Friday night in the Inn at Ardgour where we had an overnight courtesy of a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in -law. Thank you folks. A lovely drive there and a five minute ferry journey t...

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A Mass Romantic Car Journey
In the comments section from Burnt Offerings 6   Brian  suggested that I give the title track from Mass Romantic the 2000 debut album by The New Pornographers (not a band to google at work!) a listen to in the car. A band featuring among others Neko Case a ...

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Some Definitive Impressions
Definitive Impressions is one of those career spanning anthologies that the great Kent Soul label specialises in. Twenty eight songs and everyone a cracker from the Doo Wop of 1961 through to 1968 and featuring the seamless and indeed peerless harmonies of ...
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