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Hello everyone. We have released the the new Beta version 13.9.2. There are some minor changes, improvements in stability and improved route pushing mechanism. Please, send us any feedback about that version.

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Hi. In addtion to the Chrome plugin for sending routes, we have added also Firefox plugin:

Hi everyone. We have published new Beta of version 13.9.1. The changes are:
-Route received from Google Maps can be saved for later
-Possibility to report unsatisfactory route calculation
-Modernized font

Any feedback is welcome.

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Hello everyone. We have added also a WhatsApp Beta group for those of you, who do not use Facebook. Please join whit this link:

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We have also a new useful toolfor planning the routes on PC. Please, install this Chrome Plugin and send us your feedback for it - on Facebook preferably.
Sygic Truck Route Sender
Sygic Truck Route Sender

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Hello everyone. We have prepared new Beta version 13.8.6. The changelog to this version is posted int he new Truck Beta group we have launched on Facebook at
Please, join there. When we find out an effective way to create a group at WhatsApp, we will share it here too.

Hello. Did anyone of you experience a crash while selecting one of the 3 alternative? We see the crashes in our statistics (some 4 users had about 20 crashes like that), however we cannot reproduce the behavior. Please, if you have seen that crash, send us, how were you able to make it. Thanks.

Hi. We have published BETA of version 13.8.5. The new features are:
-3 alternative routes
-No truck overtaking
-Waypoint sequence optimization
-Offroad detection and driving on not mapped streets

The known issues to be fixed before release are:
-unable to delete waypoints in map
-unable to add waypoint in 3 routes overview

Please, test and send us your feedback. Thanks.

Hi everyone. Google announced, that it will be closing down the google+. Please, vote if you would like to use a Facebook group, or a Whatsapp group conversation. The Facebook has better way to track the reports and respond to them, in my opinion. But I would like to hear your opinion.

Hi everyone
We have published new BETA version 13.8.3. No all the things related to displayed traffic delays are fixed in it, all the fixes will be released in August. The changes in this version are mostly focused on delivery business:
-Showing street view of destination address on approach
-Speaking the destination address on approach
-House numbers displayed in navigation mode on approach
-Fuel prices in Germany and Spain from goverment data
-Fixed routing for hazardous materials in Cleveland
-Small redesigns

Please, send any feedback with this version.
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