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SEO Benefits of Long Tail Keywords
engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the techniques online marketing
companies use to improve a website’s ranking in a search engine’s
results pages ( SERPs ).
However, industry giants like Google don’t exactly reveal what
their SERP algorithm is, so ...

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Effects of Efficient Social Media Marketing
media has taken the world by storm—so much so that it has even
superseded the power of marketing films in their official movie
websites. Indeed, sites like Facebook and Twitter are much more
efficient in generating buzz and engaging people. This is w...

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SEO Evolution: What to Expect in 2015
The changes that are happening in the
online marketing industry are fast enough to take any business owner by
surprise. These changes have been taking place ever since Google and other
search engine websites started developing their algorithms. The online

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Important Tips to Using Video as a Marketing Tool
Video is a great way to reach your audiences and
really touch them in a way no other type of media can. By engaging both their senses
of sight and hearing, audiences are treated to a more immersive experience than
they would otherwise have when simply readi...

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Perth Marketing Consultant on the Power of Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing, then, takes into account a basic truth: businesses must go wherever people go. Considering that there are now around two billion social media users worldwide, it makes sense for businesses to promote their brands by means of such thi...

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In Good Company: Choosing an SEO Marketing Firm
the Internet’s growing influence and use worldwide, it would make
sense for businesses to establish their presences online through
websites as a form of marketing. However, possessing a website
doesn’t guarantee that a business can get customers on th...

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Make Marketing Happen: Enlisting Consultants
business can ever hope to succeed without some form of marketing to
back them up. Marketing is what gives a company and its products or
services coverage; by establishing a solid presence or brand,
customers are more likely to notice and purchase from a ...

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The Impact of Algorithms on SEO
you wish to strengthen your search engine optimisation efforts, you
must first be familiar about how search engines work, particularly
Google. A term that you should know well is “algorithm,” which
you’ve likely encountered in past instances. What exactl...

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Online Marketing Tips
marketing has become an effective tool for promoting the products and
services of a certain company to a larger audience. The internet’s
24/7 nature also assures companies that their internet marketing
efforts through their websites remain consistent...
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