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August is Hair Loss Awareness Month. Learn what you can do to help those you love. DrU's latest newsletter is posted. Sign up today to get the latest breakthroughs in your email. 310-318-1500

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With pop culture idols like Lily Collins and Kim Kardashian making bushy eyebrows all the rage, Elle magazine and the New York Times reported on the growing demand for the UGraft eyebrow Transplantation for permanent natural looking full eyebrows. Tired of penciling it in? Not interested in fake eyebrow tattoos? Learn all about UGraft eyebrow transplants here..
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While eyelash extensions may be buzzing around beauty circles, nothing beats your own gorgeous lashes. UGraft makes the difference between temporary fixes and a lasting solution to a real issue for women. Follow us to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

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Did you know the best defense for millennials with thinning hair is nutrition? Learn these 5 Tips to strengthen your hair. The sooner the better.

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New Body Hair Transplant Study Brings New Hope For The Severely Bald. After seven years and 122 patients, UGraft® by DrU restores hair growth using body hair. Published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, this new study shows which hair is best suited for the hairline or crown. A great move forward on hair restoration and fighting hair loss. Full study at DrU just click on the link below.

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Even with modern advances in hair transplantation, many African American men and women weren’t able to receive full FUE treatment (Linear scar free hair transplant). Those who attempted were often left with unsightly scars and less than satisfying results.

That is until now.

Dr. U’s newest invention, the UPunch Curl™ utilizes non-rotary technology to make the previously impossible a reality.

Patients with thick and Curl™ y hair, namely African-American patients, traditional rotary tools used in FUE surgery is not successful in most because of graft damage caused by the round rotary punches. For this reason, FUE in black men and women and other people with Afro-textured hair has been a hit or miss endeavor; with success in some but dismal failure in most. The UPunch Curl™ is the first FUE instrument specifically designed for this demographic and has been shown to work well in ALL afro – textured hair regardless of the tightness of the hair Curl™ or the thickness of the skin involved. The UPunch Curl™ has the following features:
• Non-rotary design
• Extracted using a plunging action that minimizes graft damage
• Allows for consistent results to patients with tight curls

This patient featured in the photo is showing incredible results after only one year. The UPunch Curl™ made it possible for him to have a fuller and more natural looking hairline without having to endure a linear scar. For information on Dr. U’s new invention and for the rest of this patient’s results, read here:

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Getting a natural frontal hair restoration no longer has to come with the worries of visible signs of surgery. With Dr U’s FUE Shave Test and UGraft Advanced FUE method, a patient has regained a naturally soft looking hairline using nape and head hair.
Having suffered for years with patchy baldness and thinning in his frontal scalp, the patient sought help from Dr. Umar and his UGraft system with the hope of fuller coverage.  As a new pre-planning technique, the FUE Shave Test was used to help determine which donor site would provide a higher yield of growth. For this patient, the testing helped guarantee the utilization of nape hair in combination with head hair grafts for harvesting.
·      3,000 nape and head hair UGrafts were used for transplantation.
·      A natural frontal hairline restoration was achieved after just 12           months.
One year after his FUE UGraft system, the patient is overwhelmed with satisfaction on his results.
See the patient’s results and successful results here:
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What kind of damage can unequipped and poor FUE hair transplant planning cause?

This patient visited a clinic that did not properly plan the patient’s transplant, especially knowing that this particular patient was severely bald. The clinic’s poor planning led to the following:
• An over harvested head hair donor source
• Surgery scars
• No significant progress in his hair transplantation

After visiting with Dr. U, the patient was able to see a drastic difference between his results provided by the previous clinics and Dr. U’s Advanced FUE using method utilizing body hair. Dr. U has avoided the worries of overharvesting using his “FUE Shave Test,” which properly screens the patient to determine what the best course of action is. Dr. U extracted approximately 6,000 grafts from the chest, nape, and beard to construct a new look for this patient. The patient has seen a successful transplant thus far. 

See the patient’s progression after only 5 months here: #FUE #Hairline #Transplant #badplanning #fueshavetest #progression #5months #results #hairrestoration #hairtransplant

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