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It's official - Google+ April's Photowalk / 14th of April

Due to a large majority of members being absent on the first weekend on April - Easter Bank Holiday Weekend - the photowalk will be Saturday the 14th of April.

Meeting outside Bank Tube station at 3:30pm
Photowalk starts at 3:45 from Bank in the direction of Barbican.

Please click on the link and register, the first 20 people to register will receive a Google+ t-shirt. We will not send t-shirts in the post, you'll have to come to the photowalk to receive it.

More details and insights coming soon!
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"We will not send t-shirts in the post, you'll have to come to the photowalk to receive it"
Well that's my plan out the window ;-)
Another one I'll have to miss. Out of town almost the whole month. Hopefully I can join one in May.
I'm checked in for my first Photowalk! Should be fun.
First one too... registered and looking forward to it!
Aw thank you. As long as I don't get abducted by alien photographer snatchers... there's bound to be another opportunity +Rich Grundy :)
Another one I have to miss :-(
I have up-signed! Nothing booked on that day!
Interesting. Tempted to join you!

What time do you expect the walk to continue until - need to check travel options

Is it 1530-1545 photowalk part 1, 1545-2100 pub, 2100-2115 photowalk pt 2? (ok only joking!)
+Nigel Jones you made me choke!!!!! Well ... I think we´ll be out shooting until 23 :) Hope to see you there!!
Ignore me when I said I have to miss this one - I can come! I'm probably going to be completely shattered after finishing a run of shifts at midnight on Saturday and then having to work on Sunday, but I can come.
I'll be there +Lynda Bowyer. I've seen the magic that these T-Shirts are capable of with +Mara Acoma in Westminster. Every single tourist got out of her way.
I'll be more than open to some pointers! I do a good line in tree climbing though.
Cool... elevated photowalk... this is going to be fun.
Ugh, just had U2's Elevation pop into my head. Immediately corrected it with Love in an Elevator though... thank god for that!
Thanks for the ear worm.... now will attempt to not think about either of them!
Thus causing you to think of them (living it up while I'm going down...)
Yip... however, I have replaced it with Kylie's. "I just can't get you out of my head" ... humming whilst developing a programme plan... staff think I'm a lunatic anyway, I shall not disabuse them of that notion.
I'm just the idiot who sits at the PC smiling and chuckling to himself.
I am not opening that link +Javier López Peña... I have no idea what it is but it doesn't sound good for my sanity or my query-writing productivity.
You know you will eventually open it, because you have to know... resistance is futile :-P
I'm now expecting Vogon Poetry.
Awwwwww.... Just seen the comment from +Javier López Peña (my notifications are sooo slow and out of sync...) Did you open it Darren?
You'll have no problem with me +Ryan Prince, I'm much quieter in real life. I'm afraid I can speak for Miss Harding...
Quiet as a mouse, me. Except when I've had half a dozen coffees. note to self: caffeine deprivation scheduled for 14th April
I did say I'm coming didn't I?
+Mara Acoma and of course you will be showing off your new toy :-P
Who? Me! (insert mental image of Mara stroking her new camera body) ;)
Just signed up for my first photowalk, should be great!
No going back now - train tickets ordered!
I'm going to have to drop out, again! :( It's my nephew's birthday, and there's a huge fancy dress party planned. To be honest, it's hard to choose Photowalk over Nephew's Massive Fancy Dress Party.
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