The power of our society is to find the ways to support the people in need at the right time. Read the call of +mohammad rahimi and if you agree please share. This is not too much.

Our story

I am Mohammad Rahimi, 27 years old live in Afghanistan, and since 2005 I am running a non-profit, called FONON. I and my other colleagues have done our best to keep this nonprofit running. We facilitate the followings for Afghan women.

Literacy courses: You know enough about Afghanistan war and specially women who are the main victim of war, who suffered the most, who was not allowed to go outside of their houses, was escorted by a male member of the family if went out. They had to leave everything behind and escape of death to neighboring countries like Iran and Pakistan where they were not allowed to go to school. And NOW they are mothers, mothers who was a young girl one day and had their dreams, dreaming of a nice future. What happened to all those dreams plans all gone. When we interview with our literacy students they tell the only wish they had in their life to be able to read one day! When they see their children go to school they remember their childhood and cry. Whoever you are that are reading this page I want to tell you the truth that how much hope you plant in the heart of these woman by donating a little. Think of $1 in your life? How much impact does it have in your life? How much difference does it make? And think how much will it change the life of a woman in Afghanistan by enabling us to buy her a pen and pencil?

Here is how your donation help

$1 makes us enable to buy a pencil, notebook and eraser for one literacy student
$5 we will be able to buy a literacy book for one student
$10 enable us to buy a chair for our classroom
$25 will cover a whole stationary of our literacy classroom
$50 will help us to pay a lecturer to hold a hygiene seminar for literacy students
$100 is one month salary of our literacy teacher for one class.
How will this campaign work?

Our literacy classes are ongoing so the more fund we receive the more classes we will be able to hold. The more you donate a higher grade our students will go.

How you can help?

I understand that if you are not able to make a donation at the moment but still want to contribute there still ways you can be a great help to this campaign.

You can spread the word by your social networks, with friends or anyone who you thing can be a help.
You can request other friends to spread out the story
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