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How much time do you have with your children? There are is no guaranteed timeline, but God has used fostering to teach me to be faithful with the time we have.

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Fostering Faithfulness
It has been a year now since we opened our home to become a
foster family. I still remember answering the call, an actual phone call, that
changed our lives forever. That night the question was asked, if we would be
willing to accept a two year old little b...

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Yokes, Burdens and Blessings
I was at an awkward age, fourteen years old, and struggling
to survive what seemed like an earth shattering let down. Just about the time
that I was old enough to be able to “officially” participate in the youth group
at our church, my father resigned as pa...

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"The Fierce 9"
It was
the last night of camp and I had run out of coping techniques. The group of
girls who had set their cabin on edge all week were out of control. It’s always
on the last night of camp; the kids with the greatest fears act out the most.
They act out bec...

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When God Resets The Stage
Last Friday night Mimi and Papa took our family to the CIRCUS! I know I’ve been to the circus before, but it was long enough ago for me to have forgotten the bright and lively circus atmosphere. Of course, there were three rings, and we were sitting on the ...

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Lord Help Us!
I so wanted to give up. This time last week, I was wondering
what we had gotten ourselves into and was ready to throw in the towel. Over the
last few months our family has been in a horrible rut of loud, chaotic mornings
ending with everyone late to everywh...

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Shoes For Ruby
I try not to share things on my blog that are too personal,
especially dealing with finances. Mostly because I never want to seem
ungrateful for all God has done for our family. He has brought us through so
much, but our life is still very much a walk of fa...

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Momma Died
When I was a college student, a young mom on my church van route invited me to a candle light party in her small unairconditioned rent house. In preparation she had set up a full display of her candles and candle holders. Arriving late, I packed into the s...

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Front Seat Faith
This picture was unearthed from a junk drawer last week and left out on the top of my dresser. At first glance, it appears to be just a girl standing on a motel porch. To me, however this is a snap shot of a living testimony; a reminder of God’s proven fait...
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