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A wake up call...and why Yoga Breathing is so important for managing anxiety.

So, guess who wound up at the Doctor’s to have her heart checked for anxiety related symptoms?

Guess who had 2 weeks of heart pounding poison in her body linked to stress, fear, doubt, and emotional pain that added up to a heart pounding, throw up feeling in her throat for several days?


Miss emotional intelligence, Mrs. Yoga herself.

I can tell you what helped. Unplugging helped, I didn’t have my computer for a few days. I just stayed home with the snow, hung out with my gorgeous kids, cooked, and actually took 2 naps. I would have given anyone that same advice. No roofs came crashing down in those 2 days. But I am still left with the pain and the hurt in my heart that I have been done wrong and have done wrong myself.

How does one heal this? Well, with change, of course. Practices of forgiveness and compassion.

Try this breathing practice to help clear the mind, calm the nerves and get those stress levels down (audio meditation in link below).


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