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Mary Ellen Wessels
Special Education Advocate, Singer, Writer, Learner, Creativity Junkie...Mom
Special Education Advocate, Singer, Writer, Learner, Creativity Junkie...Mom

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Dance your Dissertation. This is so wonderful. +Miriam Rozian have you seen this? (I got here from first watching the TedTalk on "Dance vs. Powerpoint: A modest Proposal"

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I apologize if you get this on Facebook as well as email - I'm trying to spread the word far and near! (but really mostly in Ann Arbor)

Please feel free to share the flier, and the RSVP doc which you can find here:

I seem to have lost a bunch of my A2 contacts when my phone got replaced so I'll try to send them to people by email and facebook / Google+ but please forward it to anyone I may have missed! Hope to see everyone there!

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Really good article on the "email" issue with Hilary.
What actually needed to be said. Since I'm one of the 21 million people whose information got dumped from OPM (though at least they got my name completely scrambled), the really astonishing thing to me is that only three of 30,000 messages may have been classified at the time they were sent.

Hillary Clinton's private email use isn't shocking – and that's the problem

Happy birthday to the delightful, funny and ever hip +Eric McGlohon

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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Uncovering a Tale of Rocket Science, Race and the ’60s

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Donald Trump’s Message Resonates With White Supremacists

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Our Spiral Scout Circle is having a fundraiser selling spring bulbs! :-D

Will FriendsPlusMe let me stay up to date with all of you without going insane?  Stay tuned!
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