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Question from our customer: (Mercedes 420 SEL 1986-1991)  “I went to adjust the seat forward, instead the back started moving back and then stopped. Now the power seat  functions are inoperable and the seat is stuck in this position (front, driver side). Passenger side works fine. Does this mean the switch needs to be replaced or are there other components to check as well?”

It is most likely your switch ( that needs to be replaced. However, they are other items that could go wrong. If replacing the switch does not do the trick, you will have to replace the seat module (, it is located under the front of the seat. It is a black box where all the seat motors and power cable are plug into. Then if this does not work, check the seat motors(

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PS: This is the same procedure for all the W126 chassis from 1986-1991 (300se, 300sel, 300sd, 300sdl, 560sel,560se, 350sdl, 260se, 500se, 500sel).
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need other parts for 1989 300e do you have any smile
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