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Art Events: SMP Presentations
Earlier this week I was able to go to two SMP presentations
for my art events for this semester. The first was a presentation by Amber
Fryza on the sexual objectification of women. During her research she examined
images that sexually objectify women. In th...

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Artist Post: Raphael Rosendaal
I first became interested in Raphael Rosendaal’s work when I
came upon his piece jello time several weeks ago. I think jello time struck me
because it was unlike anything I had seen before. He took jello, a simple and fairly
commonplace object, and made it ...

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Blog Commentary
             Krystal South’s blog Identify
Yourself was an interesting read. She covers a wide range of topics concerning
the Internet, but the part I found most interesting was her description of the
creation of our “internet selves.” She describes how the...

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Vector Artist: Alexey Ogolushevich
Alexey Oglushevich is a vector artist  from  Magnitogorsk,  Russia. He initially studied to be a metal worker, but as the technological age grew he became interested in computer graphics. Like many digital media artists, he is self-taught. He views vector g...

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Line Drawing Using Pen Tool

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Signature Practice

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Line Drawing of a Song

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Portrait Images

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Artist: Chuck Anderson
Chuck Anderson describes himself as an artist, designer and photographer. His work primarily falls under graphic design, but he does much more than that. He is best know for surreal art, or creating something that does not appear naturally. To create most o...
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