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Most American move between May and September because school begins in August or September. Please consider re-keying your locks before moving in and securing your family's safety. 
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Commercial Locksmith Tip

Business owners and managers should keep spare keys with neighbors or your property manager in the event of an emergency.

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Welcome back from the long weekend, we hope everybody had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.

Residential tip of the day:

Store your home, car, and business keys away from your front door. The kitchen or an interior hallway away from the front door makes it more difficult for intruders to find your keys and then make duplicates.

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Happy July 4th! Please be safe out there. Keep your keys in a safe place before going out on the boat or if you are attending a bbq. We recommend that you keep an extra set of your keys with a neighbor, relative, or friend who lives nearby.
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Here is a photo of our laser key cutting machine. We have one in each of our service vehicles.
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Hiring A Legitimate Locksmith 

Most Americans search for a locksmith during an emergency. The most common scenarios are locked out of your home, car, or business. Before hiring a locksmith from a quick search on the internet. Keep the following tips in mind.

1. Be sure you are calling a local number with a real local address.
2. When the locksmith technician arrives ask for identification.
3. Look for a company logo on the service van.
4. Confirm the price before any work begins.
5. Request a receipt after all work is completed.

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Americans spend billions of a dollars a year on expensive and high tech alarm systems. The marketing behind these companies is nothing short of brilliant. In reality your alarm system is completely worthless if your door and locks have not been properly installed or upgraded. Consider this, a burglar can break into your home or business and leave within the time it takes the police or security personnel to arrive. What good is an expensive alarm system if a burglar can kick open your front door within seconds? 
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Automotive Tip For the Day

When you purchase a new car or motorcycle you will receive a key code with your registration and paper work. We advise you to snap a photo of it and keep it a safe place (not in your glove box) so if you need a new key made you save the cost of paying for one!
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Summer is right around the corner which means people are moving into new homes. Be sure to have all your locks re-keyed before moving in or consider installing electronic keypads so your new home is safe and secure for you and your family! #residentiallocksmith   #rekey  
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Small business owners and managers have a lot on their minds- customers, administration, payroll, upper management, and of course making sure that your business locks and doors are safe and secure at all times. Every business has their own specific needs. If you are a retail location in a shopping plaza or mall you may have to comply with what's contained in your lease. If you are a warehouse that has high volume traffic you may consider investing in higher quality doors and locks because of wear and tear. It is wise to evaluate your locks and doors twice a year to ensure maximum safety for your business and employees. #commerciallocksmith   #locksmithtips  
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