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Here's my recipe for GAPS chocolate (honey-sweetened), which you can also make into chocolate chips. I’m working on a GAPS chocolate chip cookie recipe that I will hopefully have up soon!
Allergic to soy or sugar? You probably can't buy chocolate chips at the store. Don't despair! You can make homemade chocolate at home from cocoa butter!
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How do you get enough carbs while on the GAPS diet? I see you commenting on Matt Stone all the you follow his dietary recommendations while on GAPS? If so, how?
Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!  I want to try this but using Xylitol! :D  Thanks so much as I do happen to have some cocoa butter (organic) in the cupboard and have been looking for a use of it!!  And well here it is!  Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
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