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Crucial Connection by Rachel Nemhauser
The first time I went out to dinner with a group of parents who have children with disabilities I was actually surprised to notice the moms were smiling and laughing. After three draining, difficult, traumatizing years of raising Nate I had assumed my days ...

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Best Friends Forever? By Rachel Nemhauser
Nate is an awesome kid.   He’s funny as hell. He’s silly. He’s energetic. He’s creative. He’s non-judgmental.
He’s sloppily affectionate and tremendously sweet.   His enthusiasm for the world around him is contagious
and his laugh is completely infectious. ...

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Facebook Post by Anonymous
The following message was posted to Facebook recently, on a private group wall, and is being reprinted here with permission of the author.  While meant for a limited audience, its message may resonate with many of us. Over the last few weeks, well meaning f...

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Not So Big Announcement by Rachel Nemhauser
I’ve been keeping a secret for a while, but the cat is
finally out of the bag.   After 9 months
of work, commitment, effort, hard choices and occasionally going to bed with
a rumbling belly, I have officially lost 100 lbs.!   You read that right – I have lo...

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Ten Tips for Visiting my Family by Rachel Nemhauser
In a few short weeks my older son Isaac will be having a Bar
Mitzvah, and I’m kvelling . (Yiddish;
bursting with pride). He’s worked for years to prepare, and, like generations
ahead of him, will become a man in the eyes of our community.   Simultaneously, ...

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Birthday Boy
This crazy kid is 10 today. He can't read yet and talking is still hard for him, but he can tell me he loves me and gives incredible hugs. He is my dream come true that I never even knew I wanted.

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Inclusion Is....
This letter came home in Nate's backpack on the last day of school and is from a student in his class who I've never met.  I'm speechless.

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Summer Vacation is an Oxymoron by Rachel Nemhauser
In 24 hours my kids will officially be on Summer Vacation and it's fair to say that I'm officially starting to panic. I know, I know. Summer Vacation means sunny weather, popsicles, lazy days, trips to the beach and a reprieve from nightly homework battles....

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Percussion Ensemble by Joy Caldwell
So I went to my daughter Jessica's "percussion ensemble" performance at her High School band concert tonight... It was very sweet and I loved seeing Jessica's beautiful smiling face on the stage with her peers (some with similar needs, othe rs who were ther...

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A Different Kind of Love Story by Devra Hunt
He loves this dog. And this dog protects and understands him. In our home, it's the little things. We knew one day he would not just hold the leash, but hold the leash and walk with the dog. That day was yesterday.
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