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Hey Googlians!

Does anyone know of any good video games review sites/podcasts that are primarily written by and aimed at women?

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My blog post today honors the Day of Mourning for Autistics and all disabled people who are killed by desperate or careless parents or guardians; I also include all those who took their own life rather than continue to struggle against bonds outside their bodies and minds. This is a post about locks and keys. 

Marketing week is taking over Twitter again. So here I am!

Signing out of Twitter for a while. I honestly don't care one bit about Marketing Week and my feed is full of it.

How easy is it to use 6GB of data on a mobile phone when Youtube/Facebook/4sqr/Twitter are free? It's only another $20 a month.

Ahahahah, I have a metric buttload of work to do but totally cbf! This is not good. Instead, I'm procrastinating on Google+.

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I like the animation when you select more than one person to drag into a circle. :)
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