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Soy free advocate one product at a time
Soy free advocate one product at a time


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Nocciolata Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Have you noticed that spreads are a thing now? It seems every grocery store, bodega, and convenience store are stocked with all sorts of spreads for you to smooth onto toast, dunk a crudite into, or eat straight from the jar. The nut butter-tahini-infusion-...

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Restaurant Review: Shake Shack
This is not a review about burgers and fries from the
beloved +SHAKE SHACK  . Yes, the juicy hamburgers and crisp French fries may be
what many people drool over at the fast food joint. I am not one of them.
However, I do really like hot cocoa during the co...

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Beautiful Kitchenware
The weekend is almost here! Recently I was sidetracked by some gorgeous plates, bowls, and other kitchen utensils. Does anyone else like to browse and daydream about new, handmade serving platters and cups? No, just me? Provisions , the online store of Food...

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Trader Joe's Vanilla Cultured Milk
Raise your hand if you like yogurt. Raise your hand if you coconut milk. Raise your hand if you make impulsive purchases at the grocery store. I raised my hand for all four of those questions, which is how I bought vanilla cultured coconut milk during a rec...

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Whole Foods 365 Vanilla Almond Milk
Wow. Can you believe it is the end of September? I can't. It seems like yesterday that sandals, swimming, and sunscreen were a common denominator of the season. Now, autumn decorations are for sale, pumpkin-flavored everything are in grocery stores, and lea...

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Back to blogging about living soy free.

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Back in Action
I'mmmmm backkkkk! Okay, okay, I know I was MIA for a while. But, trust me, I have a long list excuses  reasons for not blogging. First, I began a new job. Woo hoo! This job is awesome and 1000% more challenging, positive, engaging, and exciting than my old ...

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3 Ways to Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms
Wow! The unthinkable has happened: spring has arrived in Washington, D.C. Woohoo! No more (hopefully) snowy days and layering up to venture outdoors. Now, days can be filled wandering streets, dining on patios and even picnicking. Coinciding with this gorge...

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Whole Foods Greens With Envy Juice
Welcome to spring! According to the Spring Vernal Equinox, the season arrived on March 20, 2014 at 12:57 p.m. EDT. Even though my calendar says it is spring, and I should be basking in warm sunshine while frolicking through daffodil meadows, the reality dif...

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