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Josh Braun
Professor of Film, Video, and Interactive Media
Professor of Film, Video, and Interactive Media

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My latest setup. HerbstluftWM with urxvt, xcompmgr, dzen2, conky, and an animated wallpaper effect of footage from the International Space Station using xwinwrap and mplayer.
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Random question: What's with all the mirrorlist updates recently? Seems like every other time I do an Syu, Arch wants to give me a new list of repo mirrors.

I had to do a rare hard shutdown on my Arch machine. I figured I'd ask if there's anything I need to do upon booting it up again to make sure there are no after effects. I know the boot process runs an fsck and deletes orphaned inodes, etc. Is there anything else I should pay attention to?

Hi people of Arch, it's been a while since I've posted.  I'm considering purchasing a new desktop machine for work on which I'd run Arch.  I don't need or want another laptop, but I'd still like something portable that I can easily cart into a classroom for demos or take home from work whenever I wish.  So I'm considering "ultra-compact" models like the Intel NUC, Habey BIS, Zotac ID89 Plus, or Gigabyte BRIX PRO.

These are just the models I've come across, but I don't know much about this category of machine and I'm curious as to whether folks have recommendations/suggestions.  I'd like the PC to be something on which the Arch install would proceed with a minimum of headaches, and I'm also interested in keeping the assembly required to a minimum.  Lastly, I know some of these machines are synonymous with gaming and frequently used as HTPCs, but neither of those things is a concern for me.

The book manuscript is (finally) off to the publisher! Look for it early next year from Yale University Press.
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Life happened and I went a few weeks without updating and finally did an 'Syu'.  Most everything went smoothly, but I'm now having some audio problems.  Sound works fine from TTY, but once I start any WM/DE there's no sound.  Alsamixer shows the master audio as being unmuted, while pavucontrol displays only "dummy output."  Any ideas?


Solved! For whatever reason something in a recent update overwrote my /etc/group file, which removed me from the audio group, which was what was preventing the card from being recognized.

Not a Cinnamon user, but just installed it on a relative's machine and, FWIW, it seems like a very cool DE.  On a sort of unrelated note, to the mods, since there are so many "Which DE/WM do you use/recommend/prefer?" discussions, would it make sense to have a subforum for these sorts of posts?

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Hmm.  So, thanks to you folks I've got zsh up and running with grml, and I'm able to change around the prompt and its color scheme using zshrc.local, which is nice.  I'm a bit flummoxed as to how to get the color I want, though.  The prompt in the Arch install media has this nice peach color (hex code #F54042; see:, which I'd like to imitate, but so far I'm stuck with the usual red, green, magenta, cyan, etc.  Anyone know how to increase the diversity of available colors?

I've been thinking of switching my default shell to ZSH.  I recall particularly liking the ZSH theme on the Arch installation media.  Does anyone know what this theme is/where to download it? I know I could probably find out by simply burning a new installation disk, booting into it and digging around, but I was hoping someone might know offhand.
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