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Trish Margaret
Just a gal making memories.
Just a gal making memories.


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Spring Cleaning and Treasure Hunting: The Car
Grimy change found in the car Our car broke down on December 23, 2017.  Well, not quite “broke down” as much as the
catalytic converter fell off while we were driving to the Waterfront to do some
last minute Christmas shopping.  Luckily
we were only a few b...

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Looking Forward To...
... a wet and cool weekend ... at least five loads of laundry ... quality time with Elliot and Mom ... making progress in cleaning out the "office" ... eggs, and bacon and pancakes for Mom's Day breakfast ... reading, crocheting and playing lots of "trains"...

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Elliot and Linus And the bucket spills Soaked Amelia and her Dad  Amelia loves the water

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Welcome May!
I can hardly believe
it's May, already . Elliot just turned 4 and today marks Amelia’s 1 st day of her fifth month.  May is the time
we begin getting the house and yard ready for summer.  It’s time to hose down the porch and porch
furniture.  Lay down a pie...

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... and life threw a lemon
My second son, Jayme, is crazy in love with his wife, Tina.  They just had their 5th anniversary on April 7 - a day for celebrating.  However, April 7 is the day Tina was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  Life has been moving so fast lately, the days a...

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It's a Party Month
Today could not be a
prettier day (it can and it will), but for now, after bitter cold, lots of rain
and an odd mix of cold/warm weather this past winter, it appears Spring has
settled here in the ‘burgh.  It's our favorite kind of day. A warm
sun, a cool b...

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Celebrating Spring with these two little funny bunnies.

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Hey, Amelia! What should we do this month? Although there is a 90% chance of snow tonight/tomorrow being forecast, my mind is on Spring!  Here are eight fun ideas to celebrate Spring.  Enjoy! 1. Plant a container garden .     2. Celebrate Easter! Dye eggs n...
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