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Would it be okay to use those 250VAC-rated glass tube fuses to protect individual 18650-cells? If I had to hazard a guess, the 4.2V DC wouldn't be enough to cause an arc, when the fuse blows, but.. well, I don't actually know that for a fact. Or is there a better choice someone might recommend?

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If you happen to buy the Wincong SL-03 solar-charge controller, do open it up and check that the MOSFETs are actually making contact with the heatsink; on mine, there were really dinky little thermal-pads on the MOSFETs and they were not making any contact with the heatsink at all, making both quite useless. In the pictures you can see that they had tried to slap two such pads on top of each other in the hopes that it'd be enough, but nope, it wasn't, and they apparently just gave up.

Time to buy some thicker pads, methinks.
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Ever since I moved to the new house, I've been getting a lot more use out of my 3D-printer; it's easier to access and its noise disturbs me a lot less, now. I've also come to the conclusion that I find it more pleasing to practice my skills in Fusion 360 and print functional items instead of decorational items or toys -- I am a complete noob, still, when it comes to Fusion, but perhaps I'll master it one day.

These pictures are of my latest creation, a case for the Lora32u4 II - devboard. It didn't quite come out as pretty as in the renders, but it works well, nevertheless. Oh, and yes, 3D-printed threads work perfectly and make for very pretty, custom screws and nuts :)
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Designed in Fusion 360 and printed some coollies hub-covers for the car, black Matterforge PLA under and neon pink 3D PrimaSelect PLA on the logo. Not every girl in town's got as cool tyres as me ;)
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Those of you with a Prusa MK2/3, do you use a glue-stick or something when printing with flexible filaments? I've been trying to print a test with this 3D Prima flexible filament, but it always comes loose from the printbed. All the instructions I've seen claim that flexible filaments stick so hard to the printbed that you'll damage the PEI-sheet unless you use glue-stick or similar on it, but since the prints come loose, I don't really see what option I have other than trying without.

Are there any other European filament-manufacturers that sell plain filament-refills for use with the Master Spool other than Das Filament? I tried googling around, but I seem to only be getting irrelevant hits or blog-posts talking about the Master Spool, not where to buy refills for it.

Anyone happen to know a seller on eBay or Aliexpress that sells sma-antennas actually centered on 868MHz? Chinaman love to cut corner and you never know if you're actually getting what you ordered, what with many sellers selling 433MHz, some random ~600MHz and even 2.4GHz antennas as 868-ones, and I ain't got the hardware to actually test what I got.
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