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QDB: Persistent Message Queues With Replay
- Backup/Replay #RabbitMQ Queue
- Push To Remote #RabbitMQ Server

This is my current pet project.

RT @aalmiray: Groovy 1.7 and 1.8 release announcements are in the top 3 most voted links at Dzone. Can 2.0 make it to the top?

RT @wmacgyver: google gets into the IaaS game with google compute engine.

RT @graemerocher: #skynews which receives between 8-10 million monthly unique users with around 135 million monthly page views relaunched written in #grails

RT @joesondow: Today I open sourced Asgard, the app I've been working on at Netflix for the past two years. It feels like a birthday.

TwooglePlus is now running on a much faster server, unfortunately this has triggered access warnings from Google

RT @a7mads: Paging & Ranking With Large Offsets: MongoDB vs Redis vs PostgreSQL

Easy Postgresql master/slave replication with automatic failover on Linux?

RT @newsycombinator: Where has all the money in the world gone?

RT @dirklr: How LinkedIn betrayed 5-man startup Pealk, and why developers should be concerned by +Jon Russell
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