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Comics - Thor Epic Collection Volume 1
has always been a fun Marvel character. He’s not quite a B-lister, but a strong
mid-seller, except for certain periods when he had an inspired creator like
Walt Simonson writing his stories. This thick Epic Collection (470 pages!)
reprints the first ro...

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Movies: Logan *Slight Spoilers*
saw Loga n last night and I’m still not exactly sure what to make of it. Logan is a fine, well made tale of the famous feral mutant Wolverine and takes place
in a near future of the X-Men Universe. It features spectacular action,
wonderful acting and a gr...

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Books: The Trekker’s Guide to the Kirk Years by J.W. Braun
thick compendium offers insight into all Star
Trek series, movies and cartoons featuring the cast of the Original Series.
Author Braun begins with all 69 episodes of TOS, dividing entries into episode
title, grade, summary and a “Did You Know?” section...

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Concert Review: Garth Brooks
best I’m only a moderate fan of country music. I’d heard Brooks gave a great
concert performance, but nothing prepared me for the entertainment atom bomb of
Brooks’ live show. The man transcends any musical genre and is a phenomenon
unto himself. Brooks

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Recent Movies
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – I love Star
Wars and I am desperately trying to like the new films. So far they are 0
for 2. Rogue One isn’t an awful
film; it’s just boring. The actors are stiff and lifeless with no attention
paid to character and less to th...

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(Anti-) Marvel T-Shirt
Where do I get one? NOW!

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Top 10 Comics of 2016
alphabetical order: Birthright Bone:
Coda Future
Quest Lake
of Fire Manifest
Destiny Rachel
Rising Red
Team: Double Tap, Center Mass Rom Stray
Bullets: Sunshine and Roses Velvet

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Comics Capsule Reviews
Panic #1: There’s a new vigilante in Gotham City, and it’s a strange one.
Violet Page, rich Gotham socialite, is returning to the city after making her
reputation around the world. And what a reputation! In that time, she’s become
the female Bruce Wa...

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Movie Trailer
This made me laugh out loud. Several times. Can't wait!

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Movies: Doctor Strange
continues its string of hits with the Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr Strange.
Cummerbund Bandersnatch (kidding! You know it’s Benedict Cumberbatch) plays Dr.
Stephen Strange, a rich, arrogant snob of a neurological surgeon. Cold to his
patients, conde...
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