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Cliff Karklin
I'm Online Marketing all over your Internets!
I'm Online Marketing all over your Internets!

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absolutely amazing infographic about conversion rate optimization.  

Pay attention web-peoples!

+Google Analytics shared my video on Advanced Segments on their G+ last week!  WooHoo!!!

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You may think that you are getting all you can get out of your Google Analytics; but without some of these advanced segmentation tricks, you could be missing out on some big, actionable data that could turn into huge results!

Today on +Fathom  Fathom That, +Cliff Karklin  talks about the potentials you can reach with advanced segmentation in +Google Analytics  Google Analytics.

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Very excited to welcome Webbed Marketing to the Fathom family!

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Thank god for the Google+ iPhone app!!!
Solon, Ohio

So... Google+ has tried to use Chrome to pull my location into this status update, but the location it pulled is wrong, and I'm not able to change it. Who knows how this damn thing works! :)

+Colleen Friess +Clinton Dugan +Joel Milani +Matthew Friske +Matt Keough In the last 30 minutes I've started to feel like some kind of Google+ drug dealer with these invitations.

"Hey... you want some plus? First invite is free!"

Is it weird that I'm upset there isn't already an iPhone app for this...

Google+ is pretty quiet right now, but I can see things becoming pretty active in the next few weeks...
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