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You rarely succeed unless you have fun doing it!
You rarely succeed unless you have fun doing it!


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A great resource from a former ITEC speaker!
Flip Chromebook Resources? Some of our students will be getting Acer Flip Chromebooks (stylus and android apps) this coming school year. I'm looking for resources for parents, students, teachers on how to use these devices in different/creative ways. Anyone have good 'getting started' type resources or creative lessons/apps to share? Thanks in advance...

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Hi all! The school year is getting ready to start. I hate to see summer come to a close, but am super excited to see all the great things Iowa educators are going to do this year!

If you are a Google Classroom user or thinking about using it this year, there were some awesome updates over the summer. +Eric Curts just posted a nice summary you should take a look at!

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The school year is right around the corner! Great blog post for what is new to get you year started: Your Google for Education Guide for Back to School

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WOOHOO!!!! I'm getting super excited for #ISTE18 and all the fun new stuff being announced. Here is a good one!

THEMES in Google Forms!
Use new theme options to customize and brand your Google Forms

To help Google Forms users create more personalized surveys, feedback forms, quizzes, and more, we’re introducing new theme customization options. Specifically, you can now choose colors and fonts to theme your form. This has been a top feature request from our users, who have asked for more options to create forms that match their organization or team branding. We hope these options help you build forms that look and feel just right.

Pick a theme and background color

You can choose a color for your theme. When you choose a theme color, it will apply to your header background, titles, action buttons, and more. You can pick a predefined color, or a custom one. After you pick a theme color, you can select a complementary color for the background.

Use an image for the form header

By default, the form header matches the theme color you select. If you want, you can change this and use an image to display in the header instead.

Customize the font style

You can pick from several font styles to apply to your form. When you pick a style, it will apply to your form title and question text.
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ISTE is around the corner!!! If you are heading to ISTE ITEC is trying to track who from Iowa is going. I'll try to share info too. Here is a spreadsheet we are tracking. This is going to be a great event. I'll be in the Google booth Tuesday morning if you want to visit : ) If you have socials to add feel free to do that on tab 2. Get registered for the Midwest Reception Sponsored by ITEC. If you aren't able to attend make sure you follow the conference hashtag for some great learning #iste18.

Iowans @ISTE 2018
Iowans @ISTE 2018

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If you haven't listened to the GSFE Podcast you should at least listen to the part about transitioning your old Google Sites to the new look. My words of wisdom right now is to do some spring cleaning and start over because by the time you transfer you have to clean it up and some stuff doesn't transfer.

But a new feature was just added that we could be excited about! You can now copy a new site! This was something we have been wanting!!! YAY for being patient!

Backup your work by keeping a previous version of a site
-Create a base site ‘template’ that you use to create new sites
-Iterate on previous sites

To make a copy, open the site in the new Google Sites, click the More menu > Duplicate site.
Copy a site in the new Google Sites
Copy a site in the new Google Sites

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Please share if you know of any teacher-librarian who would be interested in working at Grant Wood AEA! We are looking to fill our media specialist position for the 2018-2019 school year.

Here is some more info!

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Hi all,
I know we are getting ready for summer, but if you haven't seen the AR release for Expeditions it is worth checking out. My team is looking at putting adding Merge Cube stuff to this too for more with AR on the devices... we'll keep you posted!

1 million students have experienced #ExpeditionsAR through the Pioneer Program, and now you can too! Download the app to explore #AR tours today:

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Thought I'd share a slide deck I threw together yesterday to share with our staff about the new Gmail and I'm going to add some Gmail tips and reminders too. Feel free to share!

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WOO HOO!!! It's here! Students can create their own tours! Some of my GWAEA team saw this in action with +Frank Slabaugh this spring, now we all can do it. I love it when students can create! Feel free to share ideas on how you can use this in your school.
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
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