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My bid farewell...
Hey there family and friends!
I am full of a lot of emotions, thoughts, and feelings as my two years
have pretty much came to an end... its so crazy to think that two years
ago i was in Mexico learning the language and all and adjusting to the

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I'm Forever Changed
Well there family and friends.... I
really don’t know where my time has gone. Two years ago... I was flying in with
this view and didn’t know what in the world was going to happen... Here I am
two years later, completely changed for the better and really do...

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Hey there familia and
amigos! I hope that all is good and that you’re kicking alive and doing well! I
am sweating my you know what’s off, but am working hard and enjoying every day
more and more. At the same time I am READY to be in the promise land and see...

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Working hard until the end
Hey there familia and
friends! Well, I really don’t know what to say besides I literally have died
this past week.... you can’t even imagine how hot it really has been this past
week. It’s been miserable. I am not going to lie haha I really haven’t slept

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31 days...
Well there familia
and friends… I hope that this email finds you guys all doing great, alive and
well! This week was very hot and humid to say the least. We spent a lot of time
at home this week because my companion was sick. We don’t know what he had so I

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Week 91
Alfombras, they are like carpet rugs but made out of saw
dust and stuff and sometimes other types of materials. They are SO cool. You
can see more online, look up Alfombras Comayagua, they are so sick. So we went
and saw them this week, there were so many a...

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A difficult but most rewarding week...and many baptisms
Hey there fam and
friends. I hope that this letter finds you guys alive and enjoying the March Madness!
Great time of year for everyone!   March
Madness and I have 6 weeks left! I have a ton of mixed feelings to say the
least... I don’t know what to think a...

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Another wonderful baptism
Hey there familia and
amigos! I hope that this letter finds you guys alive and kicking as well as I
am. All is good here, just making the most of the heated days and sweating up a
storm like no other! The time is going bye faster and faster and I can’t even...

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I love teaching this work
Hey there familia and
friends! I hope this letter finds you guys a little bit cooler than we are
right about now... I am MISERABLE with this heat. I am really trying to let it
not effect me but it’s bad to say the least... but we’re grinding and doing our

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My journey in FINDING THE ONE continues...
Hope you guys were
able to watch those videos I sent last week and learn from them.  So this week got real
my fellow loving followers.... I got my flight info to be coming home... I can’t
believe that my time is coming to an end... it’s sad and I have mixed...
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