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Justin “BigOl'UncleSeahawk”


Justin “BigOl'UncleSeahawk”

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This song is from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Check out my other videos as they are all more pump up, however, I think this song is fitting as Bruce Lee was in SF, but also lived and is buried in Seattle. The same place the 49ers will be buried tomorrow! 

SF, WE have it better than you! WE have always stood by our Hawks with sellouts the past 11 seasons and 3 years ago you weren't even selling out your games. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie! 

It is going to be a hell of a game! I respect the Niners, I even respect your fans, but something special is happening here. 12's, get those plane tickets! And check out to get a deal on Super Bowl tix. 49ers can do the same. Put your money on the line!

Go Hawks!!!
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Dealing with any new apartment complex can be a little much sometimes, but management has really brought in some great people as of late. Andy Yeager is professional, fun, nice, and you just have to appreciate the guy. He has a very bright future ahead as he has faced every problem thrown at him head-on and tried to help the client for the long-haul. I appreciated his forwardness, honesty, and wanting to keep me and other good tenants (I think I am good!) in order to create a great residency. With Andy and Nicole at the helm, now is a good time to come into the Flats. Andy was the first member of management to sit me down and go over some issues which took place 8-9 months ago and told me how he would have handled it, listened to my input, and made me feel like he really cared. At his urging I went to our monthy resident get-together, my second in about a year, and everyone had a BLAST!!! Andy and Nicole are making this a great place because they are moving some awesome people in and creating a fun atmosphere. I hope they both stay here because while I am leaving my unit to upgrade to another, I did consider another location. Every place you pay $1500 minimum for has great amenities, but like building a team, the managers here can and have make a huge difference by doing some small things to create a better atmosphere. If you are thinking about moving in, I would definitely check out the Flats. I now have a couple good friends here and everyone, while it is more of us 30-something's, were all talking about hanging out more often and doing BBQs for away Seahawks games, etc. Talk to Andy and tell him you read my awesome review and he will be straight with you and not act like some slime ball trying to sell you on the "great counter-tops". Hope to see you in the building!
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