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Richard Wright
This is my Fourth Year At Duval high school and next year i be getting ready to be a senior
This is my Fourth Year At Duval high school and next year i be getting ready to be a senior

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Kate share with us something important 

+Dawn Swick-Renshaw+Dawn Anderson​ GM Ladies

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Zara did that
Surviving the machine revolution: how to become the digital marketer of the future

Normally I don't tend to share a lot of marketing related resources (after all, I'm #ThatMarkupGuy) but after having seen +Jono Alderson's presentation at Holland's biggest Digital Marketing convention, Friends of Search, I couldn't resist sharing his slide deck.

During what probably was the most info packed 40 minute presentation I've seen in a very long time (delivered at a speed that shouldn't be humanly possible) he explained exceptionally wel how both on- and offline marketplaces are evolving at an exponentially increasing velocity.

A presentation that should be wake-up call for anybody that isn't already busy trying to adapt to the new global reality.

I'll even go as far as to say that if you've still got trouble coming to grips with how fast global markets are changing you should find out if Jono will be giving this presentation somewhere else. And if so, book yourself a ticket to go listen to him.

#Disruption #MachineLearning #AIWithBoardVotingRights #ObsoleteGrayHairedOldMen

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That dish look good how can I get it to make it good
If you have some ripe bananas, this Gluten Free Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread recipe is a delicious sweet bread. #glutenfree #bananabread #matcha

Is anyone else experience Technical difficulties with Google Plus 

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Why would you said that
+Christine DeGraff
Hi, Christine! Please make refund -

Thank you.

Denise Can you post now 

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We have someone new joining the Google plus family Giulia Please make her feel welcome 
Hi there !!! I'm new to g+, I am Giulia, an Italian freelance translator, and I'd like to make new friends all over the world and get a social life :)
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