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What do you guys think of Blink's new song? I like it. Reminds me of Boxcar Racer.
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ya it's like box car alot but it's sooo sick!!!
but i can also see the angels and airwaves influences which is also good.
Kaye W
It's Angels and Airwaves. lol
Don't usually listen to Blink 182, but its pretty good. Having to listen to it againt to make sure :)
uhmmm I agree with you dave ... but a like it, very much!!! reminds me my adolescence ... omg so good!
You can definitely hear the influences from BCR, A&A, and +44 in there and it's alot more mature than the good old days, but it's still Blink. Great to hear them together again.
its sounds like a mix of all four of their bands
Zomg Blink is back!? squeeeee
I miss the fun old Blink-182 with songs like All The Small Things, What's My Age Again?, First Date and so on. :P
I love it. It's Blink but with the influences of +44, AVA, and Boxcar. But it's still Blink which makes it so great. Really excited for the rest of the album!
Honestly, It's nothing special. Just another Blink song.
Tom's voice sounds so different from older blink.
started off sounding like bcr then turned pretty ava style.
The intro was a little weird. Overall it was good. I didn't know they still make music. I used to listen to them in high school ages ago.
It's a massive mix of all of them :) That's why this album will. be awesome because they all have some good experience :)
i love all blink's songs ^^ this one is really cool :)
Awesome taste in music, Dave! The new track sounds very much like their latest selftitled album! sounds WAYYYYY too angels and airwaves. Its unfortunate really.
Bow chika bow wow.. thats what my baby said! bow wow wow and my start starts thumping! blah blah blah.. ichikichi koo means an i love you! :D
i'm not gay btw..
I heard it on the radio and they said it was one of the "hardest" songs blink has ever made. I beg to differ.
blink 182 is dope no lie
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