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im sad that i can +1 this post more than once.... but sooo happy bout the new EP
My new favorite song!! I keep playing it over and over again!! I love it :)
it is true we are some of us at lest by the way big fan
I love you dave i am like ur biggest fan I have a davedays shirt you rock i have even had dreams where i met you (wow awk...) and you are the coolest person ever the first time I ever saw you was when you were in the station on youtube and you were singing "baby we're through" i was like, omg this guy is amazing. so i stopped watching shane dawson and i started watching DAVEDAYS!!!!!!!
Explicit music? .......... wow just wow
its all like SCREACH___________________ BOOM
I love you dave!!!!!!!! ur my role model!!! <333
Inspiration to me starting to sing, was told at school to start, so.. I am, just how to actually start XD is the question. give tips?
+Joshs Dances It's really a matter of skill & luck, I think. Singing popular covers/parodies can help boost your search results. I always idolized the way Dave did all those Miley parodies at the beginning of his career to help gain a following.
i loove this song but u swear alot in it!
+Dave Days you're so awesome!!! Youre my #1 idol and your originals are perfect, just like you!!!
I play this album every day, no joke! :D
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