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Capt. Trevor Smith
I love being on the water!
I love being on the water!


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ProFishNC Fall Fishing is here! Father/ son F. Albacore Tuna this week on topwater!
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Our Winter Fishing Charters in Wilmington are "Heating up" even though the temps are cooling down!  The Cape Fear River is alive with Striped Bass and the Bottom Fishing in Topsail Beach rich with big Black Seabass!  Shake those winter blues and come catch some fish! 
-ProFishNC Charters
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Come Experience the best Charter Fishing and Captains in North Carolina!  We have three boats to serve you with limitless fishing charter options.  *Now offering Gift Certificates*
Give Captain Trevor a call anytime at (910) 547-0000
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Non stop winter Fishing Charters is on!  Give us a call or check us out at
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ProFishNC Charters March Fishing Report:  Black Seabass Fishing continues to be the HOT TICKET!

As we get closer to Spring and the waters warm the baitfish will show in greater numbers along with the Gamefish!  Currently, our Water Temps at Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Wilmington & Figure Eight Island NC are between 48 & 52 degrees.   This winter has been unseasonably cold and is having and influence on the water temps; however, on those consecutive warmer days the water temps do rise a few degrees!

Inshore Fishing this time of year can be a little tricky with some days being more productive than others.   We can chase Red Drum this time of year in the shallow waters where we will find them warming up and “sunning”, the Black Drum are in the creeks and deeper water spots, there are smaller sheepshead and tautog around rock-piles and pilings.  It will be only a matter of days – a few weeks when we will see some of the Larger Speckled Trout showing up for some fun catch and release action.

Nearshore Fishing continues to be productive as I LOVE bottom fishing this time of year due to the action it provides!   The HOT GreeneyeBITE right now is none only than the delicious Black Seabass.   We are catching limits in the 2 – 10 mile range right now fishing with both mullet on bottom rigs, vertical jigs & finesse baits on jig-heads.   We are also catching TONS of Smooth and Spiny Dogfish a/k/a “Green-Eyes”…  These guys are a blast to catch on light tackle!

*Remember:  Black Seabass are currently OPEN TO KEEP (in recent years past they have been catch and release only this time of year) & Speckled Trout are catch and release until June 15th!

The most important report to date… ProFishNC Charters welcomed baby Hadley Maria Smith into our family a few weeks ago!   I couldn’t be a prouder daddy!!!!   I know she will be the best Fisherman the East Coast has ever seen!

Our All Inclusive Fishing Charters covers most area SE NC Beaches including:

Topsail Island Fishing Charters
Carolina Beach Fishing Charters
Wrightsville Beach Fishing Charters
Figure Eight Island Fishing Charters
Wilmington, NC Fishing Charters

 Give me a call or e-mail anytime and LETS GO Fishin’!

Capt. Trevor Smith
ProFishNC Charters
(910) 547-0000
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Big Inshore North Carolina Spring Flounder Fishing Wrightsville Beach

Visit our Wrightsville Beach Page at:
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Wrightsville Beach & Topsail Beach, NC Fishing Report 5/7 (short version):

The Bigger Flounder have moved in to the backwaters this week in good numbers! We kept a good number of large Backwater Flounder which were aggressively hitting soft plastics pinned to a jig head... we boated numerous Speckled Trout & Red Drum as well. Specks came on Billy Bay Halo Baits scented with ProCure Mullet. The majority of our Red Drum came on on Jerk Shads with weighted Gami hooks. Lots of Bluefish at the WB Jetty.. Both the Kids (Family Fishing Trips) and Adults had a BLAST with the constant action. Large schools of Menhaden are now schooling/ migrating off our coast and were washing over the North Wrightsville Beach Jetty wall.

Wrightsville Beach, NC Fishing Report & How to (Detailed Version):

Fishing for and more importantly CATCHING BIG Flounder is by far one of my favorite types of angling due to what I term the “Recipe For Success”.

In successful Flounder Fishing, once you have obtained the knowledge (some call it “secrets” and speaking in terms of the What, Where, When, Why, How) combined with the on the water experience you can successfully target LARGE Flounder on a consistent basis.

When Flounder Fishing, portion of the “Recipe” is Variable & the other is Consistent.

Variable includes but not limited to: Seasons, Water Temp, Bait Type & Current Diet, Weather, Water Clarity, Depth, Turbidity, Salinity, DO Levels (the percentage of dissolved oxygen in the water influences the fishes feeding patterns), cloud cover, Jighead &/or Sinker Weight and Much More…

Constant includes but not limited to: Reaction Time to Initial Bite, Rod Angle & Hook Setting Angle < (VERY VERY IMPORTANT), Presentation of the Specific Bait you are using, Leader Material & Color (Hint: PINK Fluorocarbon as pink disappears in the water column about 2ft under the surface giving your bait a “naked presentation”), Jigheads (1st choice.. Blue Water Candy or 2nd choice.. Cotee) and Much More…

5/7/13 Flounder Fishing "Recipe"

What (Gear):

a) Pink & White 3/8 oz Jigheads: Pink (Blue Water Candy), White (Cotee)

b) “Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet” GREY w/ Pepper Flake (Secret: I scented the already scented GULP with ProCure Mullet)

c) Pink Yo-Zuri 20 & 30lb Fluorocarbon

d) 15 & 20 lb PowerPro Braided Line

e) 7ft Graphite Rods

f) 2500 – 4000 Series Reels (I use Shimano, Penn & Okuma)

Where (Geographically):
Backwaters of Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island & South Topsail Beach
Both in the Inland Creeks West of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Mid-Waterway Flats & Channels

When (Weather Forecast & Tide-Wise):
Decided on 8am due to Tides, Weather Forecast & Duration of Fishing Trip
Fished the Last 3 hours of Outgoing and First 3 hours of Incoming (6hrs of Fishing)
note: Weather Forecasted for PM Showers & Storms

(TIP: For Optimal Success when Flounder Fishing Fish the Lower Tides in the Backwaters and the Higher Tides around the Creek Mouths and Inlets)

WHY (Water Temp, Bait Movement, Time of Year):
When the Spring Water Temp Rises to around 63 degrees, the Flounder move into the Backwaters & Flats to Feed after the Spawn and GORGE on the baitfish & shrimp both in Fry and Juvenile stages.

Mimic the Size, Color and Action of the Baitfish & Shrimp the Flounder are feeding on for the time of year (Stay in the Flounder Strike-Zone… bottom to 24 inches up the water column). This time of year I use the Smaller Artificial Presentation (3” baits now… whereas in the Heat of the Summer and into the Fall I bump up to 5 – 6” Baits) to produce that Reactionary Strike of the Big Flounder.

Choose the Correct Color for the Season! In the Spring when using artificial baits, I use Grey and White Variations (Grey Pepper Flake, Pearl White, etc)… Reason, when the Water Temp are in the 60’s & 70’s the Baitfish have more of a lighter tent… as the water warm the baitfish and shrimp become brighter from Flashy Yellow, Silver to Copper. KNOW your Bait Color and Presentation for the Time of Year!

Tight-Lines and don't forget to Take a Kid Fishing this Season!

Capt. Trev
(910) 547-0000
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5/3/2013 Fishing Report (ProFishNC Charters) 

Had another Great Day Fishing Wrightsville Beach & Lea Island adding another “Inshore Grand Slam” to the books! 

Spring Fishing: When fishing in the Spring you must consider one thing… Inconsistent Weather! The forecast for 5/3 was clear to partly cloudy skies with a NW wind 10 – 20kt. Well, it was half right! Wind was 10 – 20 kt; however, the blinding rain was the surprise today. 

We decided to push North of Wrightsville Beach and fish around Lea Island Today… It was a good choice! Lea Island boasts some of the cleanest and pristine waters in coastal North Carolina providing Excellent Backwater Fishing and Wildlife Viewing Opportunities! Keying in on the Marshes and Tidal flats, we managed to catch Flounder, Red Drum, Speckled Trout & some decent Bluefish. 

Don’t let the Wind keep you from Fishing!!!: 

The trick for days like today… Either Fish Protected Leeward areas or Fish the “45 Degree Angle Approach” that will allow you to present your baits to the fish in the most natural way possible and that will enable you to stay in that “strike zone” for the fish you are targeting. 

“45 Degree Angle Approach”: When you are Flounder Fishing and NEED your baits to stay in relatively consistent and close contact with the bottom, it is difficult to achieve this when you are casting with the wind at your back and with the current flowing away from you (a 20kt wind blowing in the direction of the tide will suspend a 3/16 oz jig out of the preferred strike zone). 

Solution: Position yourself so you are casting at a 45 degree angle to the wind and current direction (position the front your boat perpendicular to the wind and current… I use a combination of the Power Pole on the stern and Anchor off the bow to achieve the optimal angle). Cast your bait “up wind & up current” and let the tide and wind move your bait down the desired strike zone “sweep” (fishing from left to right or right to left). This angled approach to fishing the conditions take some time to get use to as you are fishing a ” “Sweep”. What is fishing the “sweep”… A sweep is when you fish an area from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock as opposed to the normal 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. When fishing the sweep, you only need to provide the bouncing action of the jighead and reel up the slack in the line as you will not be physically reeling in your bait: instead, allowing for the current and wind to dictate you presentation speed. To adjust your “drift” presentation speed you can either bump your jighead weight up or down. 

The choice baits presented today under the overcast and rainy conditions were Black DOA jigheads, Green Blue Water Candy Jigheads (varying weights depending on desired “drift speed” & Grey Pepper Flake Grubs (Scented with Pro-Cure Mullet & Shrimp Scent). If its cloudy, rainy or low light conditions… always go DARKER. All of our fish were caught in the deeper waters (4 – 12 feet) today as the front and dropping barometric pressure pushed them out of the shallow water areas. 

Tight Lines! 
Capt. Trevor Smith
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“INSHORE GRAND SLAM!” ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report for April 27, 2013

Water Conditions and Fishing Report for Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach & Carolina Beach:
There have been no significant jumps in water temp over the past week as the temps remain unchanged. Other than the schools of silverside anchovies and coinciding with the current water temps, the Spring & Summer Baitfish are still “on the horizon” as there are very small schools of Mullet and Menhaden currently in our Inshore waters (the Fry that has just recently hatched appears to be doing well… I suspect within the next two weeks we will see a substantial increase in Baitfish activity).

Fishing Report:

For many Fisherman (NOT ALL  this week has been somewhat of a lull in an aggressive upward swing in Spring Fishing Action; however, we did manage to catch LOTS of fish! It’s all about knowing where to go for the conditions presented, the bait to use & the current “Hot Bite”. I always let my clients know the weather & water conditions which will dictate our Fishing options for the current week (as decided by the trends of the water temps, tides & Fish Runs).

The morning bite Saturday 4/27/13 was a little slow as we are still in the upper levels of the Lunar Tide cycle experiencing super high and super low tides. The morning tide was one of those “SUPER HIGH” tides that disperse the fish waaay back in the marshes and tidal creeks. That being said, the Inlets are the best bet for action on the Lunar High tides with good catches of Bluefish being had by all.
ON the other end of the Lunar Tide Cycle… we have the Lunar Low which was our afternoon tide. The Lunar Low tides are BY FAR my favorite time & tide to fish in our Coastal Inshore Waters of NC! All of the small Baitfish and Game Fish present are pulled into the narrow channels of the backwaters concentrating them to a confined area.

“INSHORE GRAND SLAM” (Notated by Catching at least 1 Red Drum, 1 Flounder & 1 Speckled Trout):    The Afternoon Bite was on FIRE! We managed to push back into the backwaters of Wrightsville Beach & Topsail Beach as the tide was falling and really “got into” the fish! We found a HOT Speckled Trout Bite (most only around 12 inches as many of the larger trout have pushed out *they will be back:), Red Drum, Flounder, Bluefish, Sea Robin. Everything came on Artificial Baits as we found the “hot” combination to really get the aggressive response from gamefish.

Wrightsville Beach Spring Red Drum
The Red Drum were caught under backwater docks with a more aggressive sweeping motion using Bluewater Candy (BWC) pink Jig heads with a grey swimbait scented with ProCure (mullet gel).

The Flounder were tuned into the slow and steady bounce of the bait using white BWC Jighead with a white body swimbait using ProCure.

The Speckled Trout were caught in the swifter moving waters of the channels using a high and slow sweeping motion of the baits letting the Jig flutter down the water column (Pink BWC jighead with white swimbait body).

As usual, the Bluefish were hitting anything that hit the water as they are super aggressive right now! We managed to land a nice 4lb class bluefish while also using the Swimbait/ BWC Jighead Combo (going 0/1 on a suspected MONSTER Bluefish..details below).

Fun Backwater Spring Blue on Light Tackle
We even had a surprise HUGE Sea Robin! This one was by far the largest Sea Robin I have seen in the Inshore waters of Wrightsville Beach with this one pushing 14 Inches (they rarely reach 12 inches. Sea Robin are a complex species of fish with leg-like anal fins with feelers that the fish actually “stand” on enabling them to crawl along the sea floor… ohh, they also boast a pair of wing-like ventral fins!

The one that got away… As we fish the Backwater with artificial baits, I always have a “Monster Line” in the water with a large whole mullet attached to a 3ot circle hook with wire.  While catching the trout, flounder and drum we had a real screamer on the Monster Line!   Unable to turn the beasts head, she peeled off line headed for the mouth of the creek!  Just as quick as she hit and made the impressive run… she was off only to be caught another day!   With circle hooks, if the bait is “sucked in” whole (many larger fish use the vacuum suction to feed) and finds its way into the stomach, it is designed not to grab and to come out.  Conversely, when the circle hook grabs, it catches the fish in the corner of the mouth and RARELY is ever pulled loose.  This is important for many reasons with the main reason being the mortality rate of the fish drops when not gut hooked (it’s a GOOD Thing!).  None the less, we had an Awesome Afternoon of Fishing and Smiles All Around!

We are booking up quick for many summer dates, be sure to “drop us a line” to ensure we can schedule your Fishing Trip for 2013!  We provide year around Fishing Charters in Wrightsville Beach, Fishing Charters in Carolina Beach and Fishing Charters in Topsail Beach!

Very Large Sea Robin!
Tight Lines,
Capt. Trev

ProFishNC Charters
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Spring Chopper Blue (ProFishNC Charters)
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