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Newest version of my Hackmaster price list. Note that the PDF is bookmarked, so clicking on an endnote number next to an item gets you to the right place at the end of the document, and clicking the endnote number at the end of the document gets you back to the referenced text. The index of categories is also bookmarked so it can get you to the right page.

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First draft (ok second draft) of a character sheet. Comments welcome!

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Here's a Character Generation summary sheet I made to help me with the process. Still a work in progress but it's a start.

Comments welcome!

I'm looking for a simple sheet to track monsters' HP and combat stats. What do people use? Just a simple blank piece of paper or is there something cool someone made I could steal?

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First dry run. (sorry for cross-posting for those who are also on the forum, but it's a lot easier to post photos here...).

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I made a price list if it can be useful to someone.

(updated version 2018-03-16)

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Finally! Books arrived. Now I can sit down for a while... 👍

I'm looking for information on the calendar of Kalamar? I'm looking for the names of the months, when the year starts at (spring, winter?), etc.

I have some info on the 3 moons but I'd like to know when was the last time the 3 were full at the same time.


I registered on the Hackmaster forum but I can't do anything. I cannot post, cannot download files from posts, cannot event access "My Profile" from the top of the page... I can view posts, and I have access to my settings, that's it.

While I wait for feedback from the forum admins (I contacted them about this), I thought I'd ask here as I may have missed something obvious.

Anyone experienced that? It's the first time I have such a problem with a bulletin board/forum.

I'd like to run a short introductory adventure for my group so they get a feel for the system. What would you recommend?
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