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Jeanne Bowyer
A freelancing creative professional with her fingers in the graphic design and writing pies...
A freelancing creative professional with her fingers in the graphic design and writing pies...

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The whole issue is much more complex than "is it safe for humans to eat this stuff" though, isn't it. You've got to take into account the holistic perspective when examining/exploring the pesticide issue. It's okay to argue that we're not endangering ourselves by eating McDonalds fries ‚ sure, at least not in a direct and short-term manner — but in terms of environmental impact, widespread pesticide application has a myriad of dangerous consequences.

For one, it has a very potent effect on the ecosystem — both in the fields themselves and also in outlying areas. Pesticides don't just kill flying and crawling insects, but also the soil-based life under the crop. Worms, microbes, bacteria (many of which are largely responsible for the breakdown of dead plant and animal matter) etc. are all killed. It's a domino effect.

Now, with such vast amounts of the Earth's surface covered in farmland, I think it makes sense to advocate for conscious farming methodology in the interests of the environment we all live in. It's also worth considering the amount of food we produce that goes to waste — clever potato storage methods or not. We waste an awful lot of food... The food industry wastes an awful lot of food too — more so than the average consumer, in fact — because it needs to ensure it adheres to strict health and safety protocols, which err on the side of caution.

So in conclusion, my suggestion would be to throw your weight behind a farming overhaul that'd benefit the human race. We're an intelligent species: we really do owe it to the world as well as ourselves (and future generations) to think constructively and on a long-term basis. It's so easy to base everything on instant gratification and convenience, but...perhaps it's not healthy — in any way — in the end?

Requisite monthly post on Google+.... Should use this more often, really. It's such a nice space to share... :)

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This is just gorgeous music. My goodness. 

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Holy wow. I wish I'd never bought a PC when my last computer (a HP machine) died. Just got hold of my very first iMac after my Samsung laptop (touted as an amazing thing) died.

It. Is. In. Credible. 

Sure, all you Mac users who've been around for a while know this - my dad is including among your number. But for mere mortals like I, who have been resigned to ye olde PC for a very long time (cost, mostly) this is an introduction to computing efficiency at its finest. This things KNOWS me already, inside and out. Everything is where it ought to be; I've never had this type of experience in a new OS before.

Very impressed. Will never choose a PC over a Mac again, ever. The Samsung laptop is being repaired under warranty, but to be honest, I think I'll mostly be using this now. It's really worth the extra money - particularly for someone like me. Life is about to get a whole lot more simple...
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