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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
I just finished reading a Yahoo article about a woman in
Texas and her family who were killed by her former abuser. My stomach was in
knots while I was reading this. It hit too close to home. It could’ve been me. This woman was, luckily, able to leave her a...

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Just Erin being Erin again.
Hello, everyone who still reads this ridiculous blog. I’m
going to be doing one of those “rant” posts because a lot of things have just
been really grinding my gears lately. Also, this post is more than likely going
to go off in several different directions...

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Gaming as a woman
Hello, friends. I’ve ran out of things to do at work so here
I am again. A couple of weeks ago, I was playing Advanced Warfare with a
friend. Everything was going good, I was kicking ass…so I pulled out my sniper
class because normally, I’m pretty awful wit...

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Republicans, Jesus, and Chris Kyle
This is going to be a rant. If you don't like those &
think you won't like my opinons, you should leave now. I know a lot of you
reading this remember be from the good old twitter days where I would rant
endlessly about anything and everything. This is goin...
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