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Matcha Latte
Matcha is stone ground green tea powder used for the Japanese tea ceremony.
High quality ceremony grade Matcha is made from the new leaves at the top of
the trees. The tea growers follow some special preparations and processes to
produce the best leaves bef...

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Teriyaki Chicken Pita Pocket Sandwich
Easy sandwich using my base Teriyaki Chicken recipe: Terrific Teriyaki Chicken . This makes a great breakfast, lunch or snack. Prepare a large batch of
Teriyaki Chicken ahead of time, and use it for sandwiches during the week. I
like making cooked chicken b...

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Teriyaki Chicken Quesadilla
Fun international Japanese-Mexican fusion idea! Cut it small
for an appetizer or big for lunch and dinner. Add my  Addictive Corn Salsa   to the
Teriyaki Chicken Quesadilla to really get the full experience. Guacamole and sour
ream will always go well toget...

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Teriyaki Chicken Pizza
Delicious Japanese style pizza is a big hit! This wonderfully
tasty fusion pizza is very popular in Japan. In Japan I would add thin sliced
Negi (Japanese scallion) instead of leeks, but it is difficult to get. The
leeks actually enhance the flavor of this ...

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Daikon Radish and Pork Belly Stew
This is an easy and delicious Japanese dish. Prepare some
rice because it goes perfectly well with it. Daikon Radish and
Pork Belly Stew (Serves 4) ·       1 and ½
lbs of Daikon radish (about half of a medium-sized radish) ·       ½ pound
of thinly sliced p...

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Kale, Potato, and Minced Pork Soup
The smell and the flavor of
coconut are very appetizing. Try this simple and warm soup for your breakfast. Kale, Potato, and
Minced Pork Soup (Serves 4) ·       300g of potatoes (1 to 1 and a ½ potatoes) ·       100g of minced pork (ground pork) ·       800...

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Tomato and Avocado Salad
For your health and beauty, try this tomato and avocado
salad. I usually serve with toast and hard boiled eggs on the side for breakfast. Tomato and Avocado
Salad ·       3 tomatoes ·       2 avocados ·       ½ to ¾ teaspoon of kosher salt ·       a pinch o...

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French Onion Gratin Soup
A savory, comforting, and delicious French onion gratin soup
is a must around this time of the season. The natural sugar from the onions and
the melting cheese are wonderfully flavorful. French Onion Gratin
Soup (Serves 4 to 5) ·       3 mid size or 2 large...

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Eggs Florentine
Egg Florentine is similar to my  Amazing Eggs Benedict  recipe
except sautéed spinach is used instead of ham. I personally love this for my breakfast. Eggs Florentine ·       600g of spinach ·       ½ tablespoon of butter ·       a pinch of salt ·       a p...

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Fluffy Omelet with Mushrooms, Herbs, and Cheese
Here is a simple omelet for your breakfast with sautéed
mushrooms and herbs inside. If you have a hard time wrapping the eggs, just scramble it! For your reference, click on the link for Basic Scrambled Eggs . Fluffy Omelet with
Mushrooms, Herbs, and Cheese...
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