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Automated Business Logic
Hibernate/JPA apps in half the time - open source transaction logic engine
Hibernate/JPA apps in half the time - open source transaction logic engine

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Getting great response to home | kahuna

Have signed up our first alpha, due to start next week.

And shortly will do some demo movies.

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To help you learn more about OpenXava and ABL, we have prepared a Quick Start so you can just import an existing project into your OpenXava 4.5 workspace, and explore the code and the app. It is a small app for Customers, Orders and Items with about 10 Use Cases of Business Logic. The Quick Start and Tutorial show how 5 annotations displace 500 lines of code.

It also contains a link to the demo if you'd rather just watch.

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We at ABL have been working with OpenXava for a while now - see the Dzone article at

As of OpenXava 4.5, ABL is now bundled

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We have just completed integrating ABL with Play! and Heroku.

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We have just worked with a partner to illustrate an approach for integrating Web Service integration. See for a description and downloadable code.

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We are excited to announce ABL 2.0, providing

* Database Recompute - Verify that your database meets your logic specifications, and optionally update existing data to meet such specifications.

* Dynamic Logic - Reload changed logic classes without restarting your JVM/Server.

Follow the link below for a Release Summary, including download links.

Welcoming VIPs Cesar Quintero from Intergal, Alessandro Cossutti, and Rich Dammkoehler to our VIP lounge. All have long experience with this technology (from another life), and are excellent sources of information and expertise. I am not clear yet how to share their Google page, but if you contact me I will be happy to get you in touch with them.

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