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Tina Brooks
If I'm not moving, it's because I'm not here.
If I'm not moving, it's because I'm not here.

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Life as an Autistic Person Confounds Me and it is Awesome!
Life with autism confounds me, or I should say it used to until I learned I was autistic and suddenly life made sense. When I was little people were the most confounding creatures. I found my mother illogical and weird, and she found me cold and distant; oc...

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I'm autistic. I'll be 50 on my birthday. Did you know that there are adult autistics? We don't outgrow it. It's a lifelong neurological condition we cannot simply remove. Autism Speaks' mission is to change my future. They are dedicated to funding global re...

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Readers' Studio 2015 Swag
I was a day late to the Studio and two late for the Psych conference but I lapped up what I managed to attend! OMG... life changing. This is me at RS 2015 with Donnaleigh de laRose. Carrie Paris; you are my new Goddess a million blessings on your house for ...

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My reading calendar... (beta)

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The King's Journey Tarot -- Bordered Edition - A review
I got an email from my firned Christine Aguiar who is working with James Battersby on the highly anticipated Cultural Revolution Tarot , asking me if I was up for doing a review of James' latest deck. The King's Journey Tarot - Bordered Edition that she was...

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iChing Dead Moon a Tarot review and an iChing lesson.
When I first started reading the Lo Scarabeo iChing Dead Moon cards , I was doing it backwards. I was reading the tarot and expecting the iChing to fall into place. It wasn't working. Then I thought, try it the other way around. When I was a teenager, I'd l...
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