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Ok I have been using google+ for a couple of weeks now and have determined it is way to sterile an environment. The conversation sounds like a bunch of researchers all agreeing with themselves about their findings.
What google+ needs more than anything right now is a +fart button. to give the place a little character.
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Yea we could link the stink to the cloud..ha ha
I can help out by moving you to my "friends I can say %*&$ in front of" circle. However, be warned!
It's actually nice to jump in on a post and comment, instead of missing it because there's 17000 Mafia Wars and Farmville and Repost this is you blah blah blah's clogging up the feed.. yeah, right now it is a little stale, but I'm hopeful it will pick up.
You're all totally wrong. I don't know why, but you are. Except that +Adam Melton -- Sounds like a good start to a nice quantitative study... :-D
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